Aug 7 2017

Guaranteed Bad Credit Loans #simple #loan #calculator

#guaranteed bad credit loans

Guaranteed Bad Credit Loans

Guaranteed bad credit loans and car finance for people who are blacklisted in South Africa and been turned down when trying to borrow money from the banks is possible to get although there is certain criteria. Those listed as slow payers will not generally have a problem but those who have been blacklisted by several companies over a period of time are going to have trouble getting approved unless they have security. That security comes in the form of a house or property that can be signed against the borrowed money as a guarantee in the event that an applicant cannot pay the loan back.

Major banks in South Africa will not issue guaranteed bad credit loans and Nedbank, ABSA, Standard Bank and FNB are all governed by the National Credit Act and have very strict rules on who they will and will not lend cash to. Banks are not the only places that lend money to people in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and other areas of SA though, there are several other registered financial credit providers that can offer help for those who have a poor credit history. Having said that, it is important that any applicant be weary of loan sharks and micro lenders that may not be acting 100% legally.

Online applications are about the quickest and most convenient ways to apply for finance from anywhere in the country. Whether you need money for a car, to go on holiday or for debt consolidation. it can be applied for from any computer or laptop with an Internet connection. This convenience saves time and money on physically going to different branches and having to fill out long application forms or spend time waiting for consultants on frustrating phone calls. Being blacklisted these days is nothing to be ashamed of as many people run into financial problems and need a guaranteed bad credit loan urgently.

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