Sep 9 2017

Guaranteed Payday Loans For People With Bad Credit – Simple Payday Loans Online® #secured #loan

#guaranteed bad credit loans

Even with bad credit you can be guaranteed a payday loan

We know that life can throw up unexpected curveballs, sometimes your cash simply won t stretch far enough. That s okay this is when we can help. We offer guaranteed payday loans for this exact reason, for when you have no guarantees; we like to be the ones to offer them.

Apply for a loan today of between £100-£1000 and receive a guaranteed acceptance.

Our guaranteed payday loans are easy to understand, the terms are straightforward and the repayment couldn t be easier simply pay us back on your next payday.

Uses of our guaranteed payday advances

  • Overdue phone bills
  • Credit card bills that can no longer be put off
  • To cover unexpected overdraft charges or simply to stop you going overdrawn
  • Car insurance bills or repair bills
  • Simply to enjoy your time until your next pay day

When you make an application with us for a payday loan we do not take into consideration your living arrangements nor what you plan to use the loan for. All we are concerned with is whether you are capable of repaying the loan. Our automated service means that the application form from start to finish takes less than five minutes, you are then redirected to a loan agreement page where you will sign your loan and then it is available in your UK bank account within one hour. This makes our service ideal for emergency situations. Where else could you borrow £1000 within one hour? Not only this but we are open 24 hours a day seven days a week we literally never shut.

What customers say about Simple Payday

When I needed help you were there, thank you so much I don t know what I would have done without you.

Adam G. Winchester

My phone was about to be cut off, this would have left me with the only connection fee of over £100, you really saved my bacon and a lot of money.

I had a bad opinion about online payday loans, but your guaranteed acceptance and no credit checks meant that I gave it a go, I m glad I did.

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