Sep 30 2017

Hassle-free Financing to Buy a Used Car #performance #auto #parts

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Palm Beach Financing Information

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Financing with OffLease Only

Financing is quick and easy at Off Lease Only! Whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit, we have an entire department dedicated to saving you money on your financing rate. We have 20 business managers ready to do whatever it takes to get you approved for the lowest finance rate possible! If you’ve had a few hiccups in the past, don’t worry, nearly everyone has these days. We have 20 major lenders and credit unions that compete to earn your business! They all know that we sell nearly 2,000 cars per month, so they work hard going above and beyond to try and earn their fair share of our customers’ business! In the end, our customers win and can take advantage of incredible financing rates starting as low as 1.9 percent with approved credit. These lenders and credit unions want to earn your business! Don’t let past credit challenges stop you from buying a car. Our finance experts have built relationships for over a decade with all of the banks, credit unions and major credit lenders to ensure that our customers get the lowest possible interest rate on car financing. Financing your used car purchase should be a pleasure. Among the lender we use are 5th/3rd, Capital One, Exeter Finance, Gateway One Lending, Santander Auto Finance, Ally, Car Finance Capital, Fidelity Bank, Global Lending Services, Summit Financial Corp, Alphera, CIG Financial, FINANCE DEPOT LLC-FAX, PNC Bank, TD Auto Finance, BB

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