Nov 5 2017


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Heavily modified cars export from Japan

We are Japanese MODIFIED cars exporter based in TOKYO JAPAN to export almost any countries in the world. We export any kind of sports cars done light – heavily modified cars with RHD and LHD.

I’m belonging to this business under MODIFIED CAR DEALER in TOKYO for 7years. After that we build up our own company then it already past 3years now.

I’m keep on driving modified cars since I was 18years old and it past 10years but I’m still in love to drive any kind of modified cars. From my experience, I really can find what the problem is and what happened if it’s not perfect condition.

I could not build up and re-mapping CPU ROM but I’m doing light works like replacing Any kind of parts (even its replacing turbine or etc) then bring cars to tuner’s place then ask them to setup CPU.

Our mainly business is selling LIGHT – HEAVILY MODIFIED CARS and all the FULL MODIFIED or HEAVILY MODIFIED CARS, before we purchase, we will check all the condition about ENGINE, TURBINE, TRANSMISSION, DIFFERENTIAL, SHOCK SUSPENSION, ELECTRIC CONDITION (All the electric parts works exactly) and etc. So, we are hoping that we can supply with exactly judged condition cars for you.

Then if we found some troubles, we will inform you about this and make it solve or find another one for you. We can do light works and we are with tuning factory so that we can do anything you want (need) with reliable works and most important is COMPETITIVE price.

We are hoping that you can find with matching your interest or if you could not find the one you are looking for, please inquiry to us, we will find and send all the details and photos to you soon.

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