Oct 4 2017

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Homes for Sale San Luis Obispo

What kind of home should you choose?

If you’re a resident who’s owned a San Luis home before and are up-scaling (or even down-scaling), you probably know the right areas to look for your next real estate purchase, homes for sale in San Luis Obispo. Maybe you’re going to try and get a really good deal on a short sale or foreclosure. You may think you don’t need the advice of a Realtor. True, much of the time buying a home will go smoothly and everyone ends up satisfied. But your real estate agent is trained and experienced in protecting your interests as a buyer, or getting you a fair price when you sell a home. Trying to do this yourself might save you money, but you also may end up in the middle of a real estate nightmare. When you are seriously ill, you go to the doctor. If your car breaks down, you find a mechanic. When it comes to the most important purchase you may ever make, you should have an experienced Realtor to protect you from that “Mayhem” character we see on the television every day.

If you’re a first time home buyer, or even second or third, working with an agent is really a necessity. How can you decide what kind of home to choose? Should you buy an older home and save money on the price to remodel or repair? Do you know what type of flooring is best for your lifestyle? Expensive hardwood floors can end up being a disaster with small children and even some pets. If you’re on a budget, where will you find an inexpensive home that is safe for the kids, close to schools, but affordable?

And this brings us to location. Will you live in San Luis Obispo and enjoy city life, or should you be looking for a home in Pismo or Shell Beach? Do you need acreage and wide open spaces to enjoy nature and let your dog enjoy a run? Do you long for the beach, or are you looking to buy a home with rental income potential? Do like the convenience and nightlife that a Downtown neighborhood will offer? You want to choose a location that fits your lifestyle, your budget, your needs, and maybe even be convenient to your workplace.

We are providing you with as much information as we can on our website to help you in your real estate needs, and we’ll be there with you all the way. Give us a call or contact us any time for help or more information regarding homes for sale in San Luis Obispo.

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