Aug 30 2017

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Homes for Rent in Georgia

Discover Houses for Rent in Georgia

Georgia, the 5th state to join the Union, is situated in the midst of five other U.S. states: Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina. This location makes homes for rent in Georgia ideal for renters seeking to experience the South and having easy access to some of the best the region has to offer. For instance, Georgia’s capital, Atlanta. is home to numerous urban amenities, from Zoo Atlanta to the Georgia Dome. Other cities of interest include Athens. Columbus. Augusta and Savannah . The abundance of Southern culture in Georgia and the state’s proximity to the attractions of nearby states, such as the various amusement parks of Florida, may draw renters from across the country.

Interesting Things For GA Renters to Know

  • James Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia, and more than 100 settlers disembarked their ship on February 12, 1733, at the site where Savannah now stands.
  • Oglethorpe dreamed of Georgia as a safe haven for impoverished individuals and debtors that had been freed from their financial burdens.
  • The state seat of Georgia has been relocated several times, allowing Louisville, Augusta, Savannah, Atlanta and Milledgeville to be the capital at different times.
  • In 1799, the General Assembly of Georgia granted the state its Great Seal, which depicts an arch held up by three columns representing the judicial, executive and legislative branches of government.

Top 3 Attractions for Georgia Renters to Enjoy

Fun Georgia Facts for Renters to Learn

The first full women’s college in the U.S. was started in Macon in 1836. Georgia’s state fruit is the peach, while its state vegetable is the Vidalia onion. The headquarters of multiple major businesses are located in Georgia, such as Coca-Cola, The Home Depot and Delta Airlines.

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