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How to get a Colorado Real Estate License

The Colorado Real Estate Commission requires the following to receive an associate broker’s real estate license in the state of Colorado.

  1. Receive a Certificate of Completion of Educational Requirements (REC-33) from a state-certified school, which states you have successfully completed the course established by the Colorado Real Estate Commission;
  2. Pass the Commission’s associate broker’s exam;
  3. Have a completed Fingerprint Card, No. FD-258 (from your local police station); and
  4. Provide a written statement covering any convictions (or nolo contendere) for misdemeanors or felonies (or pending charges) or for a deferred judgment or sentence within the past ten years. (Note: Traffic violations are not taken into consideration.)

Reciprocal States

If you already hold a license from a state that has a reciprocal agreement with Colorado, you may not need to take any courses or the state exam.

CLICK HERE to view a list of reciprocal states. Prior Qualifications

The Colorado Real Estate Commission recognizes prior experience and qualifications in real estate and related fields, and reduces the licensing education requirements accordingly.

CLICK HERE to use our interactive ‘License Finder’ to easily determine which education program fits your qualifications. Colorado State Exam

Once all coursework is complete, Colorado License Express will send an electronic notification to PSI, the testing company, that you are eligible to make an appointment. Once both portions of the state exam are passed, PSI will notify the Colorado Real Estate Commission that you have completed your education, passed the Colorado broker exam, and are eligible to apply for your associate broker’s license. The exam fee of $71 must be paid at the time you call PSI and make a reservation to take the Colorado broker exam.

Be prepared to use the calculator program on the computer at the test center when you take the state exam. You will NOT be permitted to take a handheld calculator into the test site. If you feel you are weak in math make sure you read and do all the problems in Real Estate Exam Guide, Chapter 8, over and over until you feel comfortable with the formulas.

When you enroll and login to Real Estate pre- licensing, click on the Candidate Handbook link found on the left side of the main page under “Home Menu.” The booklet provides complete instructions regarding the state exam, including how to make an appointment, what you are permitted to take (and not take) into the test center, and how you will be scored. At the test center you will be given a 15-minute tutorial on using the test program.

The general or uniform portion of the state exam covers real estate law and practice that is common to most states. When you click on the Candidate Handbook link, open the General Content Outline for a breakdown of what is covered on this portion of the exam. You will be given two hours to complete the general portion of the Colorado broker exam.

The second part of the Colorado broker exam is specific to Colorado real estate rules, regulations and contracts. Click on Candidate Handbook and Colorado Real Estate License FAQ Is there a time limit between completing the pre-licensing program and taking the state exam?

You may use your REC-33 certificate provided upon completion of our programs to apply for your license anytime in the future.

According to the commission rules, once you pass the state exam you will have one year to apply for licensure. Colorado requires a fingerprint based criminal history background check. I heard from someone at work that I should do my fingerprinting before taking the exam because of the delay in processing time. What does Colorado License Express recommend? How long will this take?

We recommends getting fingerprinting done as soon as you get started with the course. The current timeframe for the completion of background checks is 6-8 weeks.

We supply the fingerprint card and information inside the course Study Guide. This information, and card, can be used at your local police or sheriff’s office (call first for hours and locations) to get the process started. You will also be given information on how to do this electronically. I have been convicted of a crime. Can I still get a real estate license?

Commission rule A-12 explains the procedures for applying for and getting a Colorado real estate license with a criminal record. You will need to submit form BAA with your application.

We recommend that you get a preliminary opinion prior to registering for your licensing course. You can use commission form PAO to ask for a preliminary review regarding the potential effect that previous conduct, criminal convictions or violations of the real estate license law may have on a formal application for licensure as a Colorado Real Estate Broker. This opinion is issued in order to provide preliminary advisory guidance. This opinion is not binding on the Commission nor does it limit the Commission’s authority to investigate a formal application for licensure. Does Colorado License Express do fingerprinting? I’ve had fingerprints taken before. Will I be able to use those?

While we supply all the information you need, we do not do the actual fingerprinting. Fingerprinting is done at many local police & sheriff departments. It is a good idea to call them in advance to be sure they provide this service and ask what hours the service is available.

Usually, previously taken fingerprints are NOT acceptable, so even if you have already had a background check done in recent years, you will still be required to comply again in order to obtain your real estate license.

Note: If you are a mortgage broker who is registering with a fingerprint based background check in 2006 with the Division of Real Estate, that background check DOES meet the standard and will be applicable. These are the only other allowable fingerprint based background checks. Will Colorado License Express tell me what to expect on the state exam? We will explain testing procedures and delivery as well as give you access to PSI’s candidate handbook online. We will also give you test taking tips, and full access to our online exam prep. This will prepare you to not only take, but pass, the state exam. How long can I wait after passing the exam before activating my license? Also, once it has been activated, can you put it on inactive statues and what is the procedure for re-activating?

Commission Rule A-8 requires you to apply for a license within one year of passing the broker exam.

There is no requirement to ever activate a license. You may apply for the initial license to be issued on inactive status and renew it that way every three years forever At what point do I receive my certificate of completion to schedule the State Exam? Instructions are emailed to students as soon as they become eligible to start the state exam review process. Students must complete the course in order to receive eligibility certificates to take the state exam and the REC-33 completion certificate. These will be available to print online upon completion of the program, allowing you to sit for the state exam as soon as possible. Does Colorado License Express have a job placement program? While we do not offer a job placement program, many firms in the state who already know of our quality education programs have contacted us and indicated a willingness to work with our graduates.

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