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How to Get a Utah Real Estate License #boise #idaho #real #estate

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How to Get a Utah Real Estate License

The Utah Division of Real Estate controls real estate licensing. Before you may practice real estate you must obtain a license by meeting the criterion outlined in this article.

General Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Satisfactory criminal background check reflecting good moral character
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 120-hour real estate pre-licensing education
  • Pass the sales agent examination
  • US citizen with Social Security number or I-94 or Alien Registration Number

Education Requirements for Utah Real Estate License

The Utah Division of Real Estate requires all real estate agents to successfully complete 120 hours of real estate pre-licensing education. Pre-approved providers offer classroom and online classes. The curriculum includes ownership of real estate, real estate brokerage and the law of agency, contracts, property management, settlement, federal taxation, real estate finance, valuation and appraisal, new construction, math skills, federal law, Utah law, and test review. After completing the education hours you should be adequately prepared for the licensing examination.

You must obtain a signed original school certificate upon completion of the curriculum.

Scheduling the Utah Real Estate Licensing Examination

Pearson VUE, the official testing company for the Utah Real Estate Commission, offers the licensing examination. Walk-in testing is not available, so you must make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. The $66 testing fee is due at the time of scheduling your appointment and is payable by credit card, debit card, electronic check, or voucher. Pearson VUE offers the Utah exam at various locations in Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. You may make your appointment online or over the phone (800-274-7292).

Taking the Utah Real Estate Licensing Examination

On the day of your scheduled examination, you should arrive to the testing center 30 minutes early to allow for check-in procedures. You must bring two forms of identification in accordance with Pearson VUE s identification policy and the Candidate Education Certifying Document (found at the end of the Candidate Handbook). Your photograph will also be taken for your score report.

The test is administered on a computer. You will be offered a tutorial regarding the use of the computer and you will have an opportunity to practice using the commands before beginning your test.

Prior to the first question on the exam you will be asked a series of qualifying questions to determine if you are eligible for a license. The questions pertain to your criminal background, real estate licensing background, age, and formal education. The answers to these questions may not disqualify you from attaining a license and you must answer honestly.

Once you begin you will have four hours to complete the General and State portions together. The General portion is made up of 80 questions pertaining to general real estate knowledge. The State portion is made up of 50 questions regarding laws and policies specific to Utah. The test will also include extra questions for each portion as pretest questions that will not affect your score. You will not know what questions are pretest questions.

In order to pass the test you will need to attain the passing score of 70. Scores are scaled scores, not percentages, to allow for differences between test forms. If you do not pass one section, you may retake it alone after making a new reservation. You must pass both sections within six months of each other. You will be given an official score report at the testing center.

Most testing centers will offer convenient fingerprinting services. You will need your fingerprints taken for your license application. If the testing center does not offer the service, they will furnish you with two fingerprint cards to have your prints done at the local law enforcement agency.

Applying for a Utah Real Estate License

Once you have successfully completed both portions of the exam, the testing center will issue you an application. You will need to complete the application and include the following documents with your submission:

  • signed original school certificates
  • signed responses to the qualifying questions administered at the testing center with supporting documentation for any questions you answered yes to
  • fingerprint receipt from Pearson VUE or fingerprint cards
  • Social Security Verification form

The $152 application fee is also due at the time you submit your application to the Commission. The Utah Real Estate Commission will issue your license promptly after approving your application.

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