Apr 17 2018

IBM – InfoSphere Federation Server

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InfoSphere Federation Server

Integrate disparate data sources into a single virtual view

IBM® InfoSphere® Federation Server creates a consolidated view of your data to support key business processes and decisions.

Access and integrate diverse data and content sources as if they were a single resource – regardless of where the information resides.

  • Combine data from disparate sources such as DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server into a single virtual view
  • Access, join, and manipulate data of different formats such as relational, mainframe, and XML from the same interface
  • Extend your data visualization solution by adding InfoSphere Information Services Director to provide reusable services for Information as a Service and SOA
  • Interface with standard SQL tools, development environments, portals and other standard IT infrastructure components
  • Incorporate data from multiple sources such as up-to-the-minute inventory, sales, and customer information into reports and analytics with a single query
  • Insert, delete, or update multiple data sources simultaneously no matter where the information is located
  • Implement security policies throughout the unified view of the enterprise
  • Enable hybrid data warehousing by combining data replication and data federation. Frequently used data is replicated into the warehouse. The warehouse’s reach is then extended with data federation
  • Extend DB2 pureScale to be a federated database server. This lets all data sharing members process federated SQL

InfoSphere Federation Server resources

Learn how to deliver seamless, on-demand access to information throughout the enterprise.

Read this report by Bloor Research to learn about the value of combining data replication, change data capture and federation into a single environment.

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InfoSphere Federation Server resources

InfoSphere Federation Server

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