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Import4less – car import lounge® A new way to buy a car #used #car #auction

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Import4less – car import lounge® A new way to buy a car

Friday, 4 December 2015, 2:28 pm

Import4less – car import lounge® A new way to buy a car

Import4less has come to Seaview; the company that connects vehicle buyers with the marketplace via the Internet has opened at 1 Port Road. Not a car yard, but a lounge in which buyers can sit in comfort as they search a huge database of vehicles for sale in the ‘as new or used’ Japanese market. Alternatively customers can register online and shop from home using the company’s custom-built software.

The directors of Import4less have key connections in Japan, which enables them to bring buyer and seller closer together. According to the company, 400 people buy cars on TradeMe every day without driving their purchase first. So if it can work domestically it can work internationally, and, they say, it does.

By using the Internet to change an industry, Import4less is a classic market disruptor. Its methods work by giving on-line access to vehicles for sale in over 140 Japanese auctions, along with historical sales data indicating likely prices so that customer can make informed decisions. When a successful bid is placed through the Import4less system, the company does all the paperwork for a flat fee and delivers the vehicle within six weeks all groomed and serviced.

The Import4less business model has been trialled successfully in the Tasman region, and is now expanding nationwide. Next time you are passing Port Road, call into the Import4less – Car Import Lounge® for a chat with Racheal and her team, and take a look at how their vehicle-purchase methods work.

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