Sep 25 2017

Imprev Marketing Automation for Real Estate #singleton #real #estate

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Build the solution that’s right for you

Listing Automation

Automatically create everything an agent needs to market a listing – without requiring them to lift a finger.Read more

With Imprev Listing Automation, marketing content that supports your brand promise is automatically created for all of your listings – without requiring your agents to lift a finger. With every new listing, your agents receive an email that includes links to a set of print and digital marketing content that has been pre-populated with listing details and photos. Agents can update and enhance these materials or use them as-is. But either way, you ensure universal brand consistency across all of your listings.

And Listing Automation takes care of marketing for the life of the listing. Whenever a listing is modified, such as a price change, updated content is automatically recreated. With Listing Automation, your marketing will never be out of sync with your listings.

Lead Customer Nurturing

Convert leads into customers through fully automated, multi-channel marketing campaigns.Read more

Imprev Lead and Customer Nurturing enables agents to solve one of their biggest challenges: finding a simple, relevant, and easy way to stay in touch with past, current, and future home buyers and sellers. Pre-written by award-winning writers, Imprev offers dozens of automated campaigns targeting the unique interests of a wide range of buyers and sellers. Nurturing and eNewsletter campaigns make it easy for agents to remain top of mind with their spheres of influence.

Marketing Center

Ensure brand consistency across every customer impression – including print, web, and social media.Read more

At Imprev we understand that home buyers and sellers know what professional marketing and advertising look like; they see it every day on television, on the Internet, in magazines, and we believe that they expect it from their real estate agents. With every customer impression, agents need to not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clients and prospects. The Imprev Marketing Center arms them with impressive, unique marketing content that reflects well on the agent and your brand.

The Imprev Marketing Center enables agents to quickly and easily create a broad range of digital and print marketing materials including flyers, brochures, postcards, eCards, eNewsletters, virtual tours, single property websites, and YouTube videos. Imprev’s extensive library of professionally designed marketing materials can be augmented by designs that are specific to your brand requirements.

The Marketing Center also acts as a distribution platform enabling agents to email marketing materials to contacts, publish content directly to their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest accounts, download high resolution PDFs for local printing or automatically send materials to a commercial printer.

White Label Marketing

Leverage the power of your brand with white labeled solutions that feature custom designs created to meet your unique requirements.Read more

The Imprev platform will be configured to meet your requirements. This is your Marketing Center, fully branded with your corporate look and feel. It features custom designs – created to your exacting specifications – that give you complete control over the power of your brand.

Best of all, you select the limit of its capabilities: you can custom configure your Marketing Center to include only the specific mobile, social, digital, and traditional print marketing content you need to deploy – to complement your existing portfolio of agent solutions.

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