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Insurance Auto Auctions Complaints – 5 Consumer Reviews – Complaints List #hyundai #auto #parts

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Last Updated On: August 27, 2015

Insurance Auto Auctions Corporate Contact

Business Name: Insurance Auto Auctions Inc

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Two Westbrook Corporate Center #500

Latest Insurance Auto Auctions Complaint

Misadvertising and dishonesty

On: April 2, 2015

By: JB

Reported Loss = $2,000.00

Management sucks at this location. They ripe people off. I bought a car from this auction, which they damaged after I won the bid. When I went to get the car, It didn t look like the way it was in the pictures during the auction. They damaged the car pretty bad after I won the bid. I was waiting for 3 hours for them to bring my car.

After I checked with the security guard about the status of my car, he said you car should be here already because they handed him back the paper. Over the radio, he asked the guys in charge of pulling cars why they didn t bring my car and one of them replied: We couldn t find it. I pay pull out fees. Why he didn t keep searching until finding it? I believe that s when my car was damaged. And before I pick it up. I went to talk to the manager, the front end lady went to tell him, he said he was busy. Well, we all are busy, he isn t any busier than anyone who buy from this auction. It is not professional to reply in such an answer.

So, another manager named Helen came. I showed her the pictures of the damaged that I took while the car still sitting on their lot the car, versus the pictures they posted on their website. After she saw them, she went to talk to the manager who said he is busy. After she came back, throw the paper on the counter and said we cant do anything for you, you are responsible for the car once you buy it while she is laughing like a five year old that she was able to ripe me off. They did not even walk to the lot the inspect the car or investigate who damaged the car.

How am I responsible for a car they damaged while it is still sitting on their lot? If i am responsible for it as they claim, then they vandalized my car because it wasn t like this when I bought it. Pictures are the proof. So basically, they can damage the car after you win the bid, and you are responsible for it. This ridiculous, they have no business ethics, they aren t honest about what they sell to make buyer place higher bid so they can make more money. I called the cops and willing to take my case to court.

This is a real review and I have documents to support my claim.

Insurance Auto Auctions 2535 W Mount Houston TX 77038 | 281-668-5283 |

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