Sep 30 2017

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International Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance for Medical Emergencies Outside Your Home Country

People traveling to foreign countries may require emergency medical treatment, hospitalization or medical evacuation back to their home country. When traveling outside of the United States and your home country, obtaining qualified travelers insurance and medical care may be difficult.

Our InterMedical SM International Medical Insurance plan is designed specifically for people who are traveling outside the U.S. and outside their home country. If you suffer an injury or unexpected illness while on your trip, you can rely on InterMedical SM travelers insurance to assist you with your covered medical expenses. Major expenses can be paid directly to the medical provider and the evacuation or repatriation transportation service.

Our quality international medical insurance and medical evacuation insurance costs as little as $0.64 per day, and you’ll be covered for 364 days. Coverage is available for the insured, a spouse, unmarried dependent children, or children traveling alone.

Instant Delivery of your Confirmation of Insurance by email when you enroll online.

You can choose from 2 sets of coverage limits, each with a choice of deductibles to fit your budget:

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