Sep 23 2017

Israel Properties For Sale. #exit #real #estate

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Looking to Sell Your Property in Israel

We specialize in helping owners who live abroad in selling their real estate in Israel. We are very good at matching up owners with suitable buyers.

Whether you are simply looking to sell or interested in working with developers who want to develop your land, we can help. We currently need more listings as our developers need more land.

Looking to Buy Real Estate in Israel

Please check out some of our current property listings if you are interested in buying Israel real estate.

What we do for you!

Once you have chosen us to handle the purchase or sale of your real estate in Israel, this is what you can expect:

  • We handle the transaction from start to finish.
  • We will give you an estimate of the value of your property at current market prices.
  • We will list the property with multiple listing associations.
  • We will handle all negotiations so that you don t have to come to Israel.

You will be involved in every step of the transaction.

Once you list your property, we will ask how much you want to sell it for. If you do not know we will first check with the municipality the status of your property and then evaluate the price according to current market values.

Then we ll bring you offers (buyers). We will provide all legal services through our attorney network (unless you have one you would like us to use).

Once the price and terms are agreed upon between you and the buyer, the money transaction can occur. There is no middle man. The buyer will transfer the funds directly to your bank account anywhere.

When you sign the contract with the buyer, we receive our commission which is 2% (unless agreed differently) of the gross sale. Our commission includes the presale work (property appraisal, research with the municipality). If your sale doesn t go through, for any reason, we charge a small fee for our pre-sale services. This fee depends on the work that has to be done. It generally ranges from $150 to $500. Fees charged by the municipality are extra.

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