May 25 2017

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Buying Real Estate in Japan

There’s never been a better time to buy real estate in Japan. With mortgages at very low rates and the realization that Japan real estate prices are still undervalued (depending on location), investors in Japan and overseas continue to be optimistic about investing in this market.

In addition to our expertise in sourcing rental properties for our expatriate clients, our forte is assisting investors find suitable real estate properties, be it residential, commercial or land. We always advise our clients to look at a purchase with the eyes of an investor and will perform the due dilligence necessary to ensure that the property can be leased, in the case of an investment property, with positive cashflow, and also advise you about the myriad details related to the land ownership rights which comes with any real estate purchase, management and repair reserve fees, and so forth.

Mortgage & Loan Calculator

Click here to use a handy Mortgage & Loan Calculator to compute payments, interest paid, and amortization (please note a pop-up window will appear on your screen).

Fees related to purchasing real estate in Japan:

Buyer Representation Fee – 3% of negotiated purchase price + 60,000 + 5% consumption tax

What are some of the advantages of using Platinum Ltd and the consulting services we bring?

As opposed to the large Japanese real estate firms we act as YOUR advocate, looking after your best interests. You are providing us with the business opportunity so we want your interests to be at the forefront of any transaction which takes place. We negotiate not only prices but conditions and do not steer our clients to certain properties which many brokerages do because they are either looking after the interests of property owners represented by them and/or only want to work on deals which close very quickly.

Our company is principally staffed with bicultural and bilingual professionals who grew up in the west but who have spent a considerable number of years in Japan. Our clients utilize us because they feel comfortable with our communication skills liasing between Japanese property owners and western/Asian buyers as well as our business acumen. Let us show you the advantages of utilizing our firm.

If you have queries with any Japan real estate matter, even advice, please do not hesitate to contact me at: contact

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