Sep 10 2017

Japan Travel Guide- plan your trip #hotel #and #airfare #packages

#japan travel guide

Japan Travel guide

Japan. Michelin’s recommendations

From geishas and tea ceremonies to mangas and cosplay, the visitor is intrigued or amazed by Japan, but never indifferent. An archipelago of some 8,645 islands, Hokkaido and the north are swept by Siberian winds while the southern islands of Okinawa bask in a tropical Pacific climate.

Although the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 2011 and their consequences have made trips to Tohoku more problematical, a host of other beautiful regions await the visitor, among which Kansai, reached from Osaka International Airport. The temples of Kyoto, the former imperial city of Nara, the busy entrepreneurial character of Osaka, the lakeside landscapes of Shiga and the pilgrimage routes of Kumano Kodo (twinned with the Way of St James) all embody different facets of Japan’s quintessential blend of tradition and modernity.

Japan. Must-see towns and regions








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