Sep 22 2017

Kandy Real Estate: House Land Property for Sale #horseshoe #bay #real #estate

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Rajapihilla MV 10 perch block at Rs 100,000 a perch; 15 perch block at Rs 80,000 a perch(LS4)

Aniewatte-Rosmand Place -48 perch block at 135 a perch.(LS10)

Balagolla 27 perches at Rs 65,000 a perch (LS11)

Deveni Rajasinghe Mawatha flat land 15 perches at Rs 200,000 a perch(LS12)

Gampola Land available at Rs. 35, 000 a perch in a beautiful and a quiet place. (LS13)

Gelioya Four km from Peradeniya Road bordering the main road two 20 perch blocks Rs 150,000 per perch.(LS14)

Gelioya 41/2 (four and a half) acres at Rs 15,000 a perch(LS15)

Gohagoda 35 perches available with all facilities at Rs 25,000 a perch(LS16)

Hantana 27 perches of flat land at Rs 175,000 a perch (LS17)

Hindagala 5 acres 7 kilometers from Peradeniya at Rs15,000a perch.(LS18)

Kadugannawa 60 perches with a panoramic view and 1 acres, both lands at Rs 30,000 a perch (LS19)

Kandy 7 miles from Kandy approaching the city from Kandy-Kurunagala Rd 5 acres with all facilities available at Rs 25,000 a perch(LS20)

Katugastota 16 perches available near Silvereen Car Sale along Katugastota Road at Rs 250,000 per perch.(LS21)

Kuda Ratwatte Mawatha 23 perch block at Rs 80,000 per perch and 33 perch block at Rs 70,000 per perch.(LS22)

Lewella 20 perches available at Rs 80,000 per perch and 11.5 perches at Rs 125,000 per perch.(LS23)

Louise Peiris Mawatha near Dharmaraja College 43 perches available at Rs150,000 per perch. Two 14 perch blocks available at Rs 250,000 per perch.(LS24)

Manikhinna 5 acres at for Rs 25 lakhs.(LS25)

Peradeniya Road 10 perch flat land building block for immediate sale.(LS26)

Peradeniya 40 perches available near the Rs 65,000 a perch.(LS27)

Pilimatalawa 39 perches at Rs 125,000 a perch (LS28)

Rajapihilla Mawatha 17 perches at Rs 250,000 a perch; 22 perches at Rs 150,000 per perch (LS29)

Thannekumbura 10 and 15 perch blocks at Rs 65,000 a perch(LS30)

Thannekumbura 25 perches of land available. Rs.175,000.(LS31)

Uplands-Pitakanda -20 perch blocks at Rs 125,000 a perch.(LS32)

Wattaranthanne Opposite Citadel Hotel 21.5 perches available. Rs.150,000 (LS33)

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