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Kansas Insurance Discounts: Kansas Car, Home – Life Insurance, Farmers, auto insurance kansas city.#Auto #insurance #kansas #city

Kansas Insurance Discounts

Farmers does Car and Home insurance discounts the smarter way in the

Farmers Kansas Auto and Home Insurance Discounts

Auto Insurance Discounts

Discounts for the Family

  • Bundle Discounts – Save big when you bundle multiple Farmers policies. Carry Farmers Auto along with any of the following policies to qualify for multi-line discounts:
    • Home
    • Renters
    • Mobile Home / Specialty Dwelling
    • Farmers Specialty (Motorcycle, boat, motor home, etc.)
    • Life
  • Business and Professional Group – If you’re a member or employee of an approved business or professional group in Kansas, you may be eligible for an additional discount. Contact us to see if you qualify!
  • Distant Student – A discount for policyholders with students on the policy, who attend school at least 100 miles away from the home, and who don’t have regular access to the covered vehicle.
  • Multi-Car – Discount applies if you cover more than one vehicle with the same Farmers policy.
  • Teen Driver – Discounts are available for single, licensed drivers 19 and under, who are added to a policy by their parents or grandparents.
  • Youthful Driver – Earn this extra discount if you have young drivers, 25 and younger, in your household.

Planning Ahead Discounts

  • Alternative Fuel – Kansas is a hub for new, green technologies. So if you drive a hybrid, electric car, or other alternative fuel vehicle, you’re doing plenty for the economy and the environment. Plus, you also get to save on your Auto insurance!
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) – Choose Automatic Electronic Payments for your policy, and not only will you never miss a payment, but Farmers will reduce your rate.
  • Homeowner – If you own your home in Kansas, we can discount your policy.
  • Pay In Full – Pay off your entire term premium in one lump sum, and we’ll reduce your premium rate.
  • Transfer – Purchase a policy from Farmers Insurance after transferring from another approved carrier, and we may be able to discount your rates.

Classroom Discounts

  • Defensive Driver – If you completed a certified Defensive Driver course sometime in the past 3 years, you may qualify for this discount.
  • Good Student – Students in Kansas under 25 years old can earn an auto Auto insurance discount just by keeping their grades up. This discount applies to students that can meet one of these academic criteria:
    • High school students with at least B average
    • College students with a 3.0 (out of 4.0) grade point average or higher
    • Dean’s List or Honor Roll students
    • Students ranked in the top 20% of their class or in the top 20% in national standardized tests

Be ready to submit proof of eligibility (a copy of a report card, grade-point average, etc.) when requesting this discount.

Home Insurance Discounts

Discounts for the Household

  • Affinity Discount – If you’re a member, employee, or retiree from an approved Kansas business or professional group, you may be eligible for an additional discount.
  • Bundle Discounts – Bundle multiple Farmers policies and save big! Carry an Auto and/or Life insurance policy, along with your Home insurance, and you could qualify for multi-policy discounts.

Home Upkeep Discounts

  • Home Renovation – Have you recently renovated your home’s electrical and heating or plumbing systems? Well then, you may qualify for a premium discount.
  • New Home – If your home was built within the past 12 years, you may qualify for an additional discount.
  • New Roof – Earn this discount if you’ve recently renovated or built your roof within the past 6 years.
  • UL Approved Roofing Materials – If your roofing materials have been tested for impact-resistance by Underwriters Laboratories, you may be eligible for this discount.

Home Safety Discounts

  • Home Safety – Farmers wants your home to be as safe as possible. So we apply this discount if your home is:
    • Fortified with added protection to windows, doors, and improved connections between the roof, walls, and foundation to guard against natural disasters and extreme weather.
    • Equipped with Whole House Water Leak Detection to shut off the main water service when a leak is found
    • ENERGY STAR or EPA Certified for energy efficiency
    • LEED Certified for high-performance green homes
    • Equipped with an Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve
  • Protective Devices – Qualify for this discount if you’ve installed a burglar alarm, fire alarm, and a fire-protective sprinkler system in your home.

You may be eligible for one or more of these discounts, subject to documentation. Discounts apply to selected coverages, perils and policy types. Eligibility and actual percentage of discounts may vary. Not all products and discounts are available in every state. Please contact a Farmers agent for details.

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Auto insurance kansas city

Auto insurance kansas city

Auto insurance kansas city

Auto insurance kansas city

Auto insurance kansas city

Auto insurance kansas city

Auto insurance kansas city

Auto insurance kansas city

Auto insurance kansas city

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Auto insurance kansas city

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