Aug 2 2017

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SKYPASS Membership

Take advantage of SKYPASS partner benefits immediately, and start accumulating mules as soon as you book your next flight. Earn mileage by using Korean Air and its partners. Redeem miles for tickets or upgrade your seat online using your SKYPASS miles.

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Relax in comfortable bed-like seats which come with features like 79 in length, 26.5 in width, headrest, footrest and ample legroom. Worried about the flight time? Don’t worry, watch Hollywood blockbusters and famous television shows on your personal 23 in monitors. Don’t forget to treat your taste buds to the flavors of world cuisines (Western, Japanese, Chinese etc) and exotic wines, this is one experience that will surely stay with you.

First Class Kosmo Suites First Class Kosmo Sleeper Seat

Seats are ergonomically designed and offer features like 78 in length, 21.1 in width, 83 in space (between seats) and superior recline. With a range of audio and video programs to enjoy on your personal 17 in monitors, you savor nothing short of an individual theater experience. Whether you want to enjoy delicious sandwiches, freshly brewed coffee or steaks, the dining choices offered are impressive to say the least.

First Class Sleeper Seat

Seats are comfortable, spacious and luxurious, offering features like 180 degree recline, ample legroom and much more. Stay entertained throughout your flight with the airline’s IFE system which includes everything from movies, music to television shows. Meals are prepared by top quality chefs and offer the perfect blend of traditional and world cuisines, so choose your meal depending on your taste.

Prestige Class Sleeper Seat Prestige Class Sleeper Seat

Prestige Class comes with 180 degree recline seats that offer features like 21.6 in width, adjustable back support, ample legroom and footrest. Entertain yourself with various audio and video programs, and if you like reading then request the selection of magazines and newspapers. Eat at one of the world’s best restaurants in the sky and enjoy everything from snacks, beverages to desserts.

Prestige Class Plus Seat First Class Kosmo Sleeper Seat

In the ‘Prestige Class Plus Seat’ comfort is guaranteed. Use the one-touch button facility to adjust your seat and convert it to flat bed at the time of sleeping. There is 60 in space between the seats so space is not a concern. Every seat comes with a 10.4 inch personal monitor where you can enjoy famous movies and television shows. Meals are prepared by some of the best chefs so brace your taste buds for an amazing time.

Economy Class – New Economy Economy Class – New Economy

Seats are ergonomically designed and come with sliding seat cushion, 120 degree recline, ample legroom and 18 in width. Use your AVOD remote controller to scan through various movies, television shows and audios. Winner of the renowned Mercury Award for dining, Korean Air offers everything from Chinese, Japanese, Korean to Western cuisines.

Economy Class Seat

Economy class of Korean Air is comfortable, luxurious and yes, affordable. Seats are designed for comfort and offer reclining back support, 18 in seat width and ample legroom. Scan through different channels (audio and video) on your personal 8.4 in monitors and have an entertaining time on-board. From fresh salads, cheese sandwiches to steaks, you get everything here.

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