Mar 21 2018

Laptop and Computer Asset Tags

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Protect your most valuable portable assets with the highest quality tags.

With your entire life or your company’s entire life on a portable asset like a laptop, it makes sense to tag them and to track them and to use the most durable materials available. Let’s take a closer look at tags for laptops. Considering how much money companies invest each year in portable assets like laptops, it makes great financial sense to mark them with asset tags. We have several asset tag materials that are most common for laptops. First is AlumiGuard. AlumiGuard tags stick permanently and feature anodized graphics. The print cannot be worn off. It’s embedded into the aluminum. They feature high-bond 3M adhesive that is virtually impossible to remove once it’s stuck on. Destructible labels like SecuriGuard are another option. Thieves cannot remove the label without breaking it into tiny pieces. This not only frustrates a thief, but there’s no chance that the label can be removed and placed on something else. Or you can use multi-part tags. Assign one number per employee, and tag his desktop computer, his laptop, his tablet, all of his items with the same number. It’s also a great idea to put your contact information on the tag itself. If the asset turns up, you’d like to give someone the chance to return it. And that seems to happen more often than you would think. Make sure to place the tag on a part of the equipment that doesn’t get a lot of wear. And then know that your expensive assets are a little bit safer. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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