Feb 14 2018

Master of Arts Degree in Communication- Marist College Graduate Programs

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Masters in Communication:
Organizational Communication Leadership

About the Masters in Communication

The Master of Arts in Communication is designed to develop and refine communication skills for multiple audiences. With a strong emphasis on theory, research, analysis, and writing, students develop a sense of the varied communication needs of organizations. Our diverse student population brings experience of many organizational settings to our classes, which allows for rich discussions of how differences in organizational structure and culture impact communication. As students move through our curriculum. they are introduced to leadership styles, take on leadership roles in project development, and develop strategies for dealing with conflict. Through a combination of group and individual projects, students are encouraged to develop expertise in their area of interest, connecting theory to real-world situations from day one.

At the end of this program students should be able to

  1. Address communication questions from a variety of theoretical perspectives.
  2. Write effectively for multiple audiences.
  3. Conduct research in communication.
  4. Demonstrate strong analytical skills.
  5. Understand leadership styles.
  6. Develop strategies for dealing with conflict.
  7. Evaluate communication questions with multiple ethical perspectives.

Marist’s MA in Communication can be pursued fully online full- or part-time with no residency requirement. Marist has many years of experience in online education and well-respected undergraduate programs in Communication and Media Arts. Building on that expertise, this accredited* MA in Communication brings the quality of our traditional programs to students all over the United States.

* The Master of Arts in Communication is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It is also registered with the New York State Board of Education.

Part-Time Masters Degree Option -The part-time option is offered fully online, with 8-week intensive courses, allowing students to complete their M.A. in two years.

Full-Time Masters Degree Option – The full-time option is offered fully online allowing students to complete their M.A. in one year.

Application deadline is:
August 1 for the full-time and part-time option.

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