Apr 11 2017

Mayles Used Cars San Antonio #awd #cars

#used cars san antonio

Welcome To Mayles!

Mayles Used Cars, Inc. has proudly served the San Antonio area since 1979.

We are a family owned and operated dealership. We are dedicated to honesty,

reliability, and customer satisfaction. As a family run business, we at Mayles

Used Cars Inc. have a direct interest in making sure that the best possible

product reaches the consumer.

First, the customer must have all the correct information about the vehicle.

That means, if we know that there had been previous body work on any given

unit we disclose it. Nine times out of ten, a buyer won t mind a previous repair if

they are properly informed as to what had been done.

Second, we do not pull prices . Meaning, the price that is on our website is

the current advertised price. As the customer, you can be assured that when

you come to our dealership the vehicle and price will be as had been

displayed. Furthermore if you call us and inform us that you are in transit, we

will hold the car for you and save you from wasting a trip.

Third, it is in our best interest to make you a satisfied customer. At many other

dealerships the car that is correct for you is the one they need to sell the most

or the one that yields the highest commission. However, our philosophy is to

allow the prospective buyer to make their own decision and sell the vehicle to

themselves. Keep in mind, we take pride in all the cars we sell so no matter

which you choose we will make sure that the car follows our reputation.

Last, we are not high pressure salespeople. Unlike typical car salespeople the

two of us don t fight over commissions and sales. Any buyer who visits our

business becomes the customer of both of us. The bottom line is we will not

put you in a car that we would not want our family members to drive.

Our direct approach is not only reflected in how we deal with our customers

but it is also evident in the types of vehicles we purchase to resell. We all have

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