Apr 10 2017

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New Mitsubishi Models

Mitsubishi s roots in the early twentieth century are as a company focused on shipping and mining. They began producing cars in 1917 but it wasn t until the 1960s that the company began mass producing automobiles for public sale. In 1970, the division which produces cars was transformed into its own company, and thus Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was born.

Mitsubishi began selling automobiles on American soil shortly thereafter with the introduction of the Colt which was sold as a Dodge after Chrysler acquired fifteen percent of the company. However, it wasn t until the 1980s that Mitsubishi began selling vehicles with their own brand name in America.

The company experienced a fair amount of success with the introduction of the Gallant and the Mirage. By the 1990s Mitsubishi s popularity was on the rise. The Eclipse and the 3000GT were huge sellers. The Eclipse offered subcompact performance in highly charged engine and high-performance handling, while the 3000GT was a turbo-charged coupe.

Oddly enough, Chrysler benefited greatly from Mitsubishi s success. The shared technology helped Chrysler as they used Mitsubishi platforms for many of their vehicles. This partnership continued until 2003.

Since the turn of the century, Mitsubishi has waned a bit. The company has suffered financially due to lax sales and several manufacturing problems. However, the Lancer has remained an extremely popular brand and helped sustain the company as it pushes forward into the modern era with a focus on hybrid technology. Today, Mitsubishi offers ten models including popular models like the aforementioned Lancer, the Eclipse, and the Outlander SUV.

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