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Best buy drones

Best buy <a title="drones" href="">drones</a>-Best buy <a title="drones" href="">drones</a>
Best buy drones-BROWSE CATEGORIES Latest articles about Drones Drone Racing League’s Racer4 Street Lets You Fly Like the Pros By Mike Prospero The Drone Racing League is making a street-legal


Latest articles about Drones

Drone Racing League’s Racer4 Street Lets You Fly Like the Pros

By Mike Prospero

The Drone Racing League is making a street-legal version of the drone the pros use.

V > By Jesus Diaz

The new DJI Digital FPV System uses a set of goggles, transmission module, camera, and remote control to provide stunning first-person video up to 120 frames per second.

DJI Robomaster S1 Hands-On: This Pricey Drone Teaches K > By Mike Prospero

The Robomaster S1 can be programmed by kids, shoot pellets, and battle against other drones, but it’s pricey.

Amazon’s Army of Prime Air Drones Lifting Off ‘Within Months’

By Louis Ramirez

Amazon’s new hybrid drone is expected to hit the skies ‘within months.’

This Giant Flying Lego Helicopter Is Actually a Drone

The human-sized drone is made of foam to imitate a set built with giant Lego bricks.

Amazon Working On Transformer Drone That Approaches Homes Silently

It can go from rotor-powered flight to gas-inflated blimp in mid-flight.

Watch Russia’s Flying Rifle In Action For the First Time Ever

The new electric-powered drone can chase moving targets and fire at them till they are killed.

Project Skyborg Could Put Air Force AI Combat Drones In the Sky by 2023

A set of AI-powered fully autonomous combat drones with no pilots named Skyborg? Great idea.

Watch the First Manned Test of a Flying Go-Kart

Jetson Aero’s flying go-kart is amazing and it can be the basis for a future air race championship.

Russian Combat Pilots Now Have Deadly AI Wingmen

The latest developments from the Russian armed forces are quickly becoming a real and present danger for American military hegemony.

This Phone Case Doubles as a Selfie-Taking Drone

The Selfly uses facial recognition to potentially be the best innovation in self-portrait technology since the selfie stick.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Changes the Game with Hasselblad Camera

By Henry T. Casey

The DJI Mavic 2 line offers two firsts: a built-in Hasselblad camera in the Pro, and an optical zoom lens in the Zoom drone.

Microsoft: Here’s How Cloud Drones Will Make Us Safer

By Andrew E. Freedman

A demo at Microsoft’s Build developer conference shows how drones and the Azure cloud platform can avoid costly, dangerous situations for workers.

Intel Shows Off Our Wild Future of VR and Autos

By Andrew E. Freedman

Intel’s CES 2018 keynote discussed the role of data in the future of VR, sports, movies, computing and autonomous transportation.

Sonic Weapon Knocks Drones Right Out of the Sky

By Paul Wagenseil

Powerful sonic blasts can disrupt virtual-reality headsets, make robots and scooters spin around and make drones crash.

Attack of the Drones: May 4th Giveaway

By Mike Prospero

This drone has more awesomeness than you can possibly imagine, and it can be yours!

Air Hogs Drone Gives You a Bird’s-Eye View in VR

By Sherri L. Smith

Air Hogs’ latest drone comes paired with a VR headset for precision control during air races.

3 Looming Security Threats That Should Scare You

By Paul Wagenseil

Swarms of drones, weaponized smart-home devices and stolen fingerprints, iris scans and DNA will be the security threats of the near future.

GoPro Karma Ready for Takeoff After Last Year’s Recall

By Don Reisinger

GoPro last year recalled its Karma drone after some trouble, but is now bringing it back to the skies.

Intruder in Your Home? Will Release the Drones

By Mike Prospero is working on a system that will deploy a drone to see if someone’s broken into your house.

These Star Wars Drones Will Fulfill Your Fantasies

By Michael Andronico

After debuting in the UK, Propel’s interactive Star Wars drones are coming stateside soon.

GoPro Is Recalling its Karma Drone

By Philip Michaels

Released just a few weeks ago, some GoPro Karmas would lose power when in use, so GoPro is grounding its first-ever drone.

Intel’s 500-Drone Light Show Puts Your Xmas Lights to Shame

By Althea Chang

Up to 500 of these LED-equipped drones can be controlled by a single computer.

Airbus Flying Taxi Is Commute of the Future

By Althea Chang

The Airbus Varhana is a flying car that will take off and land vertically and keep you out of rush hour traffic.

You Can Control DJI’s New Drone By Waving Your Hands

By Mike Prospero

DJI’s new Mavic Pro drone can fit in your pocket, has a 4K camera, and has built-in gesture controls.

GoPro’s Foldable Karma Drone Takes Flight

By Mike Prospero

The $800 GoPro Karma comes with a removable gimbal, a controller with built-in touch display and even a backpack, but the camera is sold separately.

This Tiny Drone Can Be Your Streaming Eye in the Sky

By Philip Michaels

It may be less than 2 inches tall, but the JetJat Ultra can still stream high-resolution video to you on the ground that you can watch with an included headset.

Woman Kills Drone with Shotgun for Robert Duvall (Really)

By Marshall Honorof

A Virginia woman spied a drone hovering over her property, picked up a .410 bore shotgun and “blasted it to smithereens.”

Flying Sauces: Domino’s Testing Drone Pizza Delivery

By Andrew E. Freedman

Domino’s and Flirtey are testing drone pizza deliveries in New Zealand, and hope to have pies in the sky in more locations in 2017.

Parrot’s $1,299 Fixed-Wing Disco Drone Is Ready to Fly

By Philip Michaels

The $1,299 Disco is a fixed wing drone that comes with its own headset for a drone’s eye view of where you’re flying. It also features an updated controller.

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Best buy drones


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