Apr 19 2018

Offshore Catering Jobs, offshore jobs.#Offshore #jobs

Offshore Catering Jobs

Offshore jobs

Offshore catering jobs let you do what you love cooking for others and make great money while you do it. Cooking and preparing all the food for hungry workers on an offshore oil platform is a great business. There are many openings for a wide variety of catering jobs.

Usually an outsourced catering company is hired to take care of all the food service and housekeeping on the rig. They will be responsible for ensuring all the meals and snacks on board are taking care of. Some companies also handle all the housekeeping, so there are many opportunities there too.

Offshore catering jobs like cooks, assistant cooks, bakers, and galley hands are possible.

What kind of experience is needed?

Do you have any experience working some of these jobs before? If so, and you have good restaurant or catering experience, that make it much easier for you to get hired into these offshore cooking jobs. If you ve never worked offshore before the lifestyle change can be a little tough, but you can probably get used to it.

A lot of the different job openings on each rig are going to be determined by the size of the rig itself. Smaller rigs simply don t need as big a crew, while some of the newer larger oil platforms employed quite a few people to keep it clean and the workers well fed.

The benefits of offshore catering

Another thing that a lot of people like is that the offshore pay is much better than you would find on land. Plus, when you factor in the fact that you only work about half of the year, cooking offshore is a great deal.

And for those people looking to expand into a job other than cooking starting out as an offshore cook is a great way to get your foot in the door into the oil industry. You ll make lots of good industry contacts and people will learn that you are a reliable and dependable worker.

The types of offshore catering jobs

Again, depending on who hires you and where you re posted, there are several different kinds of offshore catering jobs. These include:

Offshore Chef Jobs

Offshore Cook Jobs

Offshore Baker Jobs

Offshore Steward Jobs

Offshore Galley Hand Jobs

Offshore Housekeeping Jobs

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