Aug 31 2018

Omnitracs Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions to Solve Tomorrow’s Transportation Challenges

Omnitracs has a rich tradition of innovation by developing a comprehensive portfolio of fleet management solutions including integrated software, SaaS applications. and analytics platforms designed for commercial fleets. Since pioneering the first fleet management system over a quarter century ago, it’s been our focus to help fleet managers enhance productivity and improve performance.

We’re dedicated to delivering value to fleets and business owners of all types and sizes, whether long-haul or local. Fleets across the globe depend on our vehicle management solutions to maximize their resources, protect their drivers, and monitor operations.

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Proven Management Solutions for Every Aspect of Your Fleet

Running an efficient and profitable fleet is no easy task. You need solutions that serve the needs of your drivers, vehicles, customers, and managers all while meeting government regulations.

Omnitracs empowers your organization to address every aspect of your business with proven fleet management solutions that include:

Compliance: Focus on growth and avoid costly fines by staying ahead of new and changing regulations. Omnitracs’ solutions are 100% HOS, IFTA, ELD. FMCSA, and DOT compliant.

Data + Analytics: Leverage data and empower your fleet to learn from past mistakes and to make smarter decisions.

Planning + Delivery: Balance the needs of your workers, orders, vehicles, and customers by planning the most efficient routes. Use gps fleet management solutions empower your fleet to execute the perfect delivery with real-time data.

Productivity: Maximize your fleet’s performance by gaining valuable insights into assets, drivers, customers, and more.

Safety + Security: Keep your assets protected and your drivers safe. Our fleet management solutions leverage critical data to keep your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and reputation safe.

Transportation Management: Fleets need to be agile, innovative, and efficient to thrive in a changing economy. Our transportation management solutions give you the tools you need to capitalize on growing opportunities.

Omnitracs’ commercial fleet management solutions help you meet high customer expectations efficiently and effectively while also encouraging safe, compliant driving and improving driver satisfaction.

Explore Our Fleet Management Solutions

Our extensive portfolio of fleet management software solutions can help your fleet meet compliance requirements, collect and analyze data, as well as plan profitable routes. Click below to get more information about how Omnitracs technology can benefit your fleet.

Not sure which solution is the right fit for your company? Call (800) 348 -7227 to speak with one of our specialists, or contact us online.

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