Mar 12 2018

Ou part time mba

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At MSB, we provide students with extensive knowledge and wide-ranging skills in the areas of Business and Management. Our vision is to train future managers to become entrepreneurial and operational upon graduation.

Whether you go part-time or full-time. you will receive an outstanding graduate education and obtain an AMBA accreditedMaster s degree in Business Management (MBM) from Tunisia s top English-speaking Business School. Benefit from a balanced combination of academic theory and practical training taught by internationally recognized faculty .

Courses for part-time and full-time Master studies occur as follows:

Is the program for me?

MBM welcomes students from all academic backgrounds. This program is for you if:

  • If you hold a bachelor degree in any business-related subject and would like to enrich your knowledge within an international context. (i.e. Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Finance, etc.)
  • If you hold a bachelor degree in any other field of study and would like to develop your broad understanding of management. (i.e. Engineering, Law, Political Science, Pharmacy, etc.)
  • The First and only Master s program accredited by AMBA (London) in Africa.
  • A global education with international faculty and diversified student body.
  • State-of-the-art facilities with cutting-edge accredited technologies.
  • Learning by doing teaching methods with use of case studies, group projects, company visits, etc.
  • International opportunities through exchange programs and study abroad programs.
  • Career Center with strong ties with the professional world.

What will I learn from MBM?

  • Learn to analyze and solve complex managerial problems.
  • Learn to be proactive and react to changes.
  • Apply managerial concepts to real life situations.
  • Take action from a manager s position.
  • Develop your entrepreneurial spirit.

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