Nov 5 2017

Paulo Travels and Jabbar Travels – Beware of private travels like Paulo Travels and Jabbar Travels, Review 10108 #las #vegas #travel

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Beware of private travels like Paulo Travels and Jabbar Travels

I am writing about the REAL INCIDENT that happened with me and 35 other passengers who were CHEATED by the Private Travel called Paulo Tours and Travels.

I had gone to Goa with my friends during the long weekend (28th Apr 07 to 1st May 07). We had planned our journey very well. For ongoing journey we took KF flight. While returning we thought we will take a Volvo and book from Bangalore itself as we may not get tickets being long holiday. So we did our research in the internet and found that Paulo travels the exclusive tour operators for Goa has Volvo. so we booked our tickets well in advance. We were contented that we had everything taken care of. After reaching goa, we confirmed the tickets again and also inquired about the boarding point. We had everything in place. We had booked our ticket for 30th Monday 8.30 pm.

We had made staying arrangements in one of the resorts in calagunte. The bus would start only from Panaji, its about 16 kms from Calagunte. we had to travel from Calagunte to Panaji using the Paulo travels pick up bus.

On Monday, 7.00 pm we started our journey from Calagunte to Panaji in their pickup bus and we reached there around 7.30 pm. The real shock we got after reaching there. The Volvo bus supposed start at 8.30 is not in place.

It was informed that the Volvo Bus had encountered a engine failure on the way from B Lore. It was surprising to note that Goa being their HQ they do not have even a decent Bus as back up. How many of you have heard a Volvo bus having an engine snag rather it was fuming ” that s what was heard from some of the unlucky passengers in that.

However after a long hue and cry they informed us that a Non A/C bus was arranged. The travels people new this issue previous day itself even then they didn t inform us nor did they do anything about it.

We got totally stuck as these people told us at the nick of time. They were least bothered to apologize to us. We were 36 to 50 passengers trying to get some justification from the Paulo travels. In the end, we didn t have any choice but to take the non A/C bus which was in a pathetic condition and not at all fit for a long journey, it was evident from the way it was started by pushing it manually.

After 1 hour of battle with the bus people,all of us soaked in sweat started our journey to Bangalore. After completing 1/12 hour of journey,in that ill fated bus started catching fire on the front side. There was sparks coming out, the driver was least bothered to do anything about. He was saying “kuch nahi hoga”.

[In the meantime I got to know that other passengers had taken the same travel while coming from Bangalore to goa (Paulo) Volvo and it broke down 4.00 am in the morning. There were supposed reached goa around 8 am and it reached at 4.00 pm in the afternoon.

We somehow stopped the bus, to our shock we were stranded in a place there was no network and no access to phone. Somehow one of the phones got connected. We shouted at the travels and we got the number of MD of Paulo Travels. This so-called MD was of no help to us. It was 10.30 pm in the night. Everyone was hungry driver had told us he would stop for dinner. But now doesn t look like we ll reach anywhere. Many woman and children were traveling in the bus.

We waited there for about 1 hour until the driver and cleaner repaired the bus, then we left in the same ill fated bus. All along the journey my heart was in my mouth. The bus took 24 hours to reach Bangalore instead of the usual 12 hours. This is the kind of experience we get from the Private Travels. Who is responsible for our TIME and MONEY.

BEWARE. So I would request all of you to send this to each and everyone so that we create awareness than getting fooled by these kind of cheaters.

And also don t ever book ticket in PAULO and also Jabbar travels. Please beware of such CHEATERS.

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