Jun 7 2018

PhD Program – College of Nursing – Michigan State University

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PhD Program – College of Nursing – Michigan State University

Creating Knowledge to Improve Health Outcomes

At Michigan State University, nationally acclaimed nurse researchers conduct cutting edge research that changes lives.

MSU’s PhD in nursing program attracts talented, dedicated, and high-achieving students who seek to make an impact as nurse scientists. Here research and evidence-based nursing practice contribute to the science of healthcare, addressing priority health problems faced by individuals, families, and communities.

The College of Nursing prepares PhD scholars who are ready to assume leadership roles in academia and research.

Students with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree or higher are eligible to apply for the PhD in Nursing.

Research is an integral part of the College’s mission. PhD students have the opportunity to work with expert faculty in the areas of chronic conditions and healthy families and populations while building the skills necessary to pursue a life of scholarly inquiry.

College of Nursing researchers transfer findings into practice to improve patient care and the quality of patient and family outcomes. Faculty seek external funding from sources including National Institutes of Health, USDA, and Oncology Nursing Foundation to support their program of research.

The College s PhD program offers students the opportunity to move in scholarly directions and provides opportunities for interdisciplinary study. The College’s areas of excellence in scientific and interdisciplinary research include:

  • Cancer
  • Nutrition
  • Chronic Illness Management
  • Obesity and Associated Conditions
  • Physical Activity
  • Gerontology

PhD Program Continued

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