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The first option is to provide a binder of insurance from your personal auto insurance carrier. The binder must list you (the renter) and the rented vehicle as “additionally insured”. In this case, each individual planning to drive the vehicle must provide a separate binder from his/her personal auto insurance carrier. Be aware that not all auto insurance companies will provide a binder so be sure to check with your individual company for specific information and details.

The second option allows you (the renter) to purchase coverage directly from the owner/dealer or their commercial rental insurance provider. This type of insurance is usually charged on a per day basis and provides for specific coverage levels and types as well as varying deductibles. Be sure to check with the owner/dealer directly or inquire with their rental insurance provider for specific information relating to your rental. Not all owners provide commercial insurance, in which case you would need to provide a binder from your insurance company.

You can be added to the Dealer’s Rental Insurance policy provided by MBA Insurance for the sum of $15 to $25 per day (based on the value of the coach) plus an admin fee, with Supplemental Liability Insurance available for an additional $9.95 per day.

Coaches valued over $125,000 may have an additional administration fee.

Coaches over 10 years of age must have a binder from the renters insurance company.

You will need your Dealers Name and Policy Number (four digit number.)

Then follow the link to: INSURANCE FEE .

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much third party liability do I get?

State Statutory Limits. The statutory limit in the state where the accident occurs will apply.

What does it mean when I see liability limits such as 20/40/10?

The maximum that the insurance company will pay as the result of a third part liability claim.

  • 20,000/for any one individual
  • 40,000/for the total accident, regardless of the number of persons
  • 10,000/for property damage

Can I purchase higher limits than statutory?

Yes. You will be given the option to purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance during the purchase of your MBA Choice insurance. You may also purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance at

What are Medical Payments and or Personal Injury Protection, (Med Pay and PIP)?

Amount paid per person for injuries sustained by persons who are occupants of your vehicle.*

What are Uninsured Motorist (UM) and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverages?

Amount paid to you and your passengers that are injured in an accident that was caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist driving the other vehicle.*

What is collision?

An accident that is caused by our vehicle colliding with, (running into) another vehicle or object.

What is comprehensive?

Other than collision, such as damage caused by wind, fire, hail, theft and vandalism.

What are the deductibles on comprehensive and collision?

The deductibles vary from dealer to dealer. Consult with your dealer.

What if I extend my time period with the vehicle?

First you will need to obtain permission from the rental dealer. Then you may contact and purchase additional days. Or you can FAX, MBAchoice. at 1-480-946-0288, provide us with a copy of your “proof of coverage”, which is the form you will receive from MBAchoice when you purchase your original coverage, and just let us know how many additional days you will require. We will bill your credit card for the additional days at the original rate of your purchase.

What about additional drivers?

They will be covered. All additional drivers must be listed on your rental contract with the rental dealer in order to be covered by the insurance.

What do I do if I am involved in an accident?

  1. You should exchange driver license and insurance verification information with the other party involved in the accident.
  2. You should get a police report if at all possible.
  3. Fill out as completely as possible the accident report form that is provided to you by the rental dealer. A form is also available here, click the above.
  4. Report the claim to the rental dealer as soon as possible.

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