Apr 30 2017

Real estate property listing InDesign flyer #melbourne #real #estate

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Real estate property listing flyer

This FREE InDesign template is for Real estate property listing flyer. It s a single-page document that can be used by real estate agents to showcase four properties. There is some space to quickly introduce the real estate company and the agent. This file can also be used as an advertisement in magazines and newspapers. The file is print-ready so you will have no issues submitting your work to professional media. This flyer can also be used for industries other than real estate.


This template comes with the following files:

  1. Real estate property listing.indd Adobe InDesign CS3 template
  2. Real estate property listing.inx Adobe InDesign CS2 template
  3. Real estate property listing.pdf Adobe PDF preview of the template
  4. FONTS.txt  list of used fonts


Property images and the agent portrait are removed from the template. Sample real estate logo and signature image are embedded into the template.


Arial font family is used for this template. This is a system font and should be installed on your system. Feel free to replace with other fonts of your choice!

Main characteristics of this template

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