Jul 12 2017

Rental Lease Application Forms For Residential or Apartment – All States #truck #rentals

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Lease Application Forms

US Legal Forms has lease application forms available for every State. Whether you are taking applications for the lease of an apartment or other residential property, or for commercial property, the right form for you is just a click away. All forms may be modified to fit your individual needs. Simply select your State and choose the appropriate lease application form for your specific situation.

Why Successful Lease Agreements Depend on Your Rental Form

Lease applications are needed to predict the success and longevity of a future rental agreement with a prospective tenant. Proper tenant screening is essential to avoiding housing court and evictions. A rental application can gather important information about an applicant, such as employment verification, credit references, and stability of income and past rental contracts. By having the proper leasing application forms, including the lease application template, rental application denial or rental application denial letters, and lease agreements, landlords can prevent future tenant disputes and make rental property management much more effective.

What Information to Include on a Rental Application Form

  • The lease application form for an apartment for lease should let the applicant know he or she will be approved based on non-discriminatory reasons and that rental application approval is subject to verification of employment, credit history, etc.
  • The rental lease agreement application form should request employment history for employment verification.
  • The rental payment sought.
  • The desired move-in date.
  • A statement that the application for rental does not create a binding agreement until a residential lease agreement is signed.
  • Pets and other occupant information
  • Whether the prospective tenant has ever had an eviction filed against him or her.
  • Whether the applicant has a criminal record involving sexual misconduct.
  • A warning that any false statements or omissions can lead to rejection of the rental application form.
  • Any rental application form fee that applies and whether the rent application fee is refundable or not.
  • Statements should be included on the rent or lease application regarding compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1996.
  • Spouse information, if married, should be included on leasing applications.
  • Lease terms and security deposit should be included on a lease application sample.
  • Income, credit, and employment requirements. Often, the rental application form will require the applicant to have income three times higher than the monthly rental rate. The basic lease application is often submitted with a lease application credit reference and employment verification.
  • The general processing time for a lease agreement application.
  • The tenancy application may ask whether or not the tenant or other occupants are smokers or not.
  • That the applicant has a right to request in writing within a certain number of days to get the information provided to the rental property management in the event the rent forms or lease forms are denied based on the information obtained.

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