Mar 6 2018

Robotics Engineering Online (MS)

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Robotics Engineering Online (MS)

As one of the fastest growing areas of technology, robotics engineering presents opportunities across a wide range of industries—including security and national defense, factory automation, healthcare, consumer products, customized manufacturing, and interactive entertainment.

Through our pioneering Online MS in Robotics Engineering program—the first in the nation—you will advance your knowledge of the mathematical and mechanical frameworks needed to design safer and more efficient robotics systems and explore innovative ways of using robots to tackle and solve real-world problems.

Program Highlights

Students master the fundamentals of computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, and mechanical engineering underlying robotic systems while studying advanced topics such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, wireless networking, and nanotechnology.

Courses are taught by WPI faculty members who are leading the way in developing new possibilities for robotic technology in health care, manufacturing, security, and emergency response.

Culminating capstone experience enables you to apply your knowledge to solve a real, practical problem in your workplace under the guidance of faculty and industry mentors.

Courses are delivered via live and self-paced virtual sessions that enable you to connect with our global community of highly-engaged faculty members, industry professionals, and peers.

Did you know that WPI is the first university to offer BS through PhD degrees in robotics engineering? Our program is also the first in the nation to receive accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET .


10 courses, 30 credit hours, including a capstone. The options listed below are specific to the ONLINE program and meet the overall degree requirements. You will work with a faculty advisor to develop a customized and relevant plan of study selected from the courses below. Additional courses may become available online and are available on-campus.

FOUNDATION (9 Credits)

CORE (Minimum of 6 credits of additional RBE Courses)


ELECTIVES (9 credits)

  • SYS 501. Concepts of Systems Engineering
  • Three credit hours selected from courses at the 500 level or above with a prefix of RBE
  • Three additional credit hours selected from courses at the 500 level or above with a prefix of RBE, CS, ECE, MA, ME or SYS. Note that not every graduate level course will be offered online. Visit the course catalog for a complete list of course descriptions.


  • RBE 594. Capstone Project Experience in Robotics Engineering
  • One of the central priorities in WPI’s educational philosophy is the application of academic skills and knowledge to real-world problems. With an advisor’s guidance, students choose a robotics engineering project that offers substantive evaluation and application of the coursework covered in the program.
  • Example of a capstone project from our Systems Engineering Department

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