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Camper Rental Questions

11-2-09 Can camper rentals be too large for some campgrounds?

Most camper rentals will fit fine in any campground. The average campground requires RV rentals to be no longer than 31 feet long, which includes most camper rentals .

10-26-09 Do I need to have my own insurance when renting a camper rental ?

Different states and even specific camper rental companies require different things from those renting an RV with their camper rental company. Some camper rental companies require you to have the camper rental insurance beforehand, while others may allow you to purchase insurance for the camper rentals as an added rate per day. The best advice is to check with the camper rental company you are getting your camper rentals from.

10-16-09 How old do you have to be to rent a camper rental ?

Typically the age requirement to rent camper rentals is 21. However, several states have different age requirements for camper rental age limits, so the best idea would be to check with the camper rental company you are using.

10-5-09 Where are some fun places to go in my camper rental ?

There are so many options of fun things to do and fun places to go in your % camper rental. Many people simply take their camper rentals to a campsite or campground. These are located near almost any state park, or out in nature, and typically welcome those camping with camper rentals. Some people also take their camper rentals to football games, NASCAR races, concerts and fairgrounds for convenient travel and tailgating before the event. Camper rentals allow you to have a home away from home where ever your travels take you. Whether it is a camping vacation or a day at the big game, camper rentals are a great way to travel.

9-16-09 How do I tow my camper rental to the camp site?

Many companies that offer camper rentals will deliver camper rentals to their customers’ campsites. However, if you are towing your camper rental yourself, you will need get everything inside the camper rental secured, and then raise the trailer jacks on your camper rental. Next you will need to back your vehicle up to the camper rental. connect the towing hitch from the vehicle to the camper rental and then secure the latch. You can now hook the wiring from the camper rental to the vehicle, and enjoy your time with your camper rental .

9-2-09 What type of camper rentals can I tow with a minivan?

If towing a camper rental with a minivan, one needs to be aware of the tongue weight of the camper. It’s best to rent a camper that is light weight. Some examples of lightweight campers are popup tent camper rentals and tear drop rental campers .

Travel Trailer Rental Questions

10-30-09 10-23-09 How far in advance should I book my reservation for a travel trailer rental ?

Most travel trailer rental companies are booked a month or two in advance, so we recommend making reservations for travel trailer rentals as far in advance as possible. If you want to take your travel trailer rental on a trip coming up, it is always a good idea to call the travel trailer rental company and ask them if they have any available. Many people love renting travel trailer rentals. so they book up quick, but if you are lucky, they may have a travel trailer rental available, have had a travel trailer rental cancellation, or know of other rental companies that have travel trailer rentals available.

10-15-09 What happens if my travel trailer rentals break down while on vacation?

Many travel trailer rental companies offer 24 hour roadside assistance on accidents and emergencies. Ask your travel trailer rental company about this beforehand, so you know what to do in case of an emergency with the travel trailer rentals .

9-25-09 How many people does a travel trailer rental typically sleep?

Travel trailer rentals can sleep anywhere from 5 to 8 people. Most travel trailer rentals come with a full size bed, a bunk bed, a sofa and a dinette that converts into a bed.

9-16-09 What makes a travel trailer different from any other motorhome rental ?

A travel trailer rental is a unit that is intended to be towed by another vehicle. Travel trailer rentals will have many of the same amenities that motor home rentals have, but the travel trailer rental is more portable, and allows you to detach your vehicle from the travel trailer rental so you don’t always have to drive the large travel trailer rental around town.

9-2-09 What type of vehicle would I need to tow a travel trailer rental with my personal vehicle?

You can tow your travel trailer rental with your vehicle as long as your vehicle is at least the size of an SUV or pickup truck. To tow most travel trailer rentals. it is required that your vehicle must have a reese hitch, not just a bumper hitch.

Motorhome Rental Questions

11-6-09 What kind of gas mileage do motorhome rentals typically get?

Generally, the gas mileage for motor home rentals varies from motorhome rental to motorhome rental. The average range of the gas mileage on motor home rentals is anywhere from 7 and 13 miles per gallon, or 3 to 5 kilometres per litre. The RV rentals company should be able to give you specific details on the motorhome rental you are renting.

10-28-09 What is the difference between the Class A and Class C motor home rentals and a camper rental or travel trailer rental ?

The main difference between most motorhome rentals and the camper rentals or travel trailer rentals are that camper rentals and travel trailer rentals typically have to be pulled by a truck or van, while motorhome rentals are self-contained vehicles.

10-21-09 What do the different motorhome rental classifications indicate?

Class A motorhome rentals are typically the biggest and most expensive motor home rentals available, as these motorhome rentals have more room and better windows for viewing. A Class B motor home rental are the smallest type of motorhome rental. and are also commonly known as van conversions. Class C motor home rentals the middle size motor home rental. but are still large enough to have a bedroom in the rear and all the utilities you would expect from a motor home rental .

10-14-09 Is it difficult to drive a motor home rental ?

motor home rentals drive much like a car, but much larger. If you have ever driven a large truck before, you will see a similarity between that and a motorhome rental .

9-28-09 Do motorhome rental companies allow pets to come aboard the motorhome rentals ?

Most motorhome rental companies will allow you to bring a pet with you on your motorhome rental. However, some motor home rental companies do not allow pets on the motor home rentals. It is best to check with the motor home rental company about this issue before you decide to rent a motorhome with them. If it is a priority for you to be able to bring your pet with you on the motorhome rental. there are sure to be some motor home rental companies that will meet all of your RV rental needs.

9-25-09 What are the requirements of being able to drive motorhome rentals ?

There is no special motorhome rental driving license needed to operate the motor home rental. Most companies that offer motor home rentals require that the driver be 25 years of age, with a valid driver’s license.

9-2-09 What types of features would a motorhome rental have that other RV rentals may not have?

Motorhome rentals tend to be larger recreational vehicles, with more living space. There are also some motorhome rentals that have the convenience of being fully self-contained with no hookup necessary, being completely battery and propane operated.

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