Nov 6 2017

Sachin Travels Ltd, Mumbai – Cheating #travel #coupons

#sachin travels

Sachin Travels Ltd, Mumbai Cheating

I had booked trip with Sachin travels for Bangkok, Pataya, Malaysia and Singapore (Trip code SE3) STARTING FROM 18-12-2012 from Mumbai. Booking was done almost 5 months ago by paying full amount. I was doing regular followup and was told that trip may be delayed one-two days. when I could not get any information I called the Nashik office on 7-12-2012 and really shocked to hear that the trip may not go as company is facing financial crisis. I tried to call Mumbai office when I was told by the lady on phone that they do not know any thing about the fate of the trip. When I press to talk to their seniors they refuse to give their mobiles also. However some how I got cell No. of Sachin Jakatdar (9821149747) and Sonali Jakatdar (9821926779). I call them both, Sonali don t even bother to take the call after repeated attempts Sachin replied that are trying to get tickets for me.(. ). for 4-5 days the guy on Phone Mr. Vaibhav Angane telling me that he is trying for my ticket and Sonali jakatdar is going to give me the details of trip. At last after my followup Sachin told me that they are unable to conduct the trip, and promise to refund the money immediately. But he never keep his words and money was not yet refunded.

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