May 14 2018

Search For Hotels With Google Hotel Finder, hotel search engine.#Hotel #search #engine

Search For Hotels With Google Hotel Finder

Hotel search engineForget using Google Maps when you want to find a hotel to stay at for a business trip or family vacation! You can now use Google s Hotel Finder.

Google Hotel Finder is a search tool specifically designed to make it easier to find and compare hotels for your trips. The features include:

  • Draw simple shapes to define the neighborhoods (yes, more than one!) that interest you.
  • See popular locations on maps with highlights
  • One click adds hotels to your shortlist, where you can review them easily.
  • See if you will get a good deal by by comparing a hotel’s current price with its typical one.

It starts with the filter on the left hand side that gives you various options such as:

  • Location Filters (with drawing shapes
  • Dates for your stay
  • Price point filters
  • Hotel ratings user rating filters

Here is a screen shot of the side bar:

Hotel search engine

Once you type in a location, you can then position the map with your clicker and draw lines around the specific location you want to stay. Google will then show you hotels in that area.

Hotel search engine

Clicking on the hotel icons on the map will show you more details about the hotel. You can then book the hotel or add it to your shortlist:

Hotel search engine

Booking a hotel is driven by Google Hotel Ads:

Hotel search engine

If you are unsure, just add it to your shortlist and you can compare the hotels on your list. Google also shows you if the price the hotel is currently offering is a good price based on the average prices the hotel charges throughout the year.

Hotel search engine

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