Jun 25 2017

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What is an emergency loan?

A emergency loan, also known as a semester loan, is a short-term funding option to assist with educational expenses. These loans are approved and disbursed through the University and they differ from Federal Stafford Loans.

What types of loans are available?

What items are covered by emergency loans?

Is there interest associated with an emergency loan?

There is a small interest charge associated with semester loans.

What are the requirements for emergency loans?

There are University eligibility requirements for semester loans.

How do the emergency loans work?

To receive an emergency loan in the long semesters (Fall/Spring), tuition fees, and related expenses must be in installments. (Note: Installment options are available for Fall/Spring semester only.)

Emergency loans for the Summer semesters will be for the full tuition fees balance.

If applying for multiple loan types, each one must be done individually.

Who may apply for emergency loans?

How many emergency loans can I apply for?

Students may apply for 3 of the 4 loan types per semester. A student may receive multiple Tuition Fees, Housing Dining loans (i.e. one for each installment) that do not count against the 3 loan maximum.

How does an emergency loan apply to my outstanding balance?

Emergency loans apply automatically to any outstanding balance. Please allow 1-2 hours for the loan(s) to apply depending on loan volumn. Please view your Fee Statement to verify that the loan has been applied to your balance.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the loan has been signed, and has applied by payment due date!

How can I apply for an emergency loan?

How do I reprint a note that has already been signed?

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