Jun 25 2017

Sixt Rent a Car – 13 Photos – Car Rental – Westchester – Los Angeles, CA – Reviews #car #starter

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Rented at sixt in SF and dropped of in LA. Sixt is known in Europe as one of the better if not the most upscale car rental. Unfortunately the experience in the US is quite different. That being said, LAX location is much better compared to SFO. Drop off went smoothly with friendly staff. Went to the counter upstairs as I had to discuss some rental agreement issues and the counter was staffed with 2 ppl upstairs and several more in the hotel lobby area. Unfortunately no sixt gold card counter is offered but I didn t have to wait long.

If I could give ZERO stars I would. I rented a car for Thanksgiving wknd to drive up north. I have had such wonderful experiences at SANTA MONICA location of Sixt located at the Shore hotel. The Manager is so amazing great customer service agent.

this was my 3rd time renting w/ Sixt. I thought to rent from the Westchester location because it was only 2 miles away from my house.

HUGE mistake! I travel very often rent cars very often. I randomly selected Sixt for the first time in July was thrilled to have found a car rental place that I could be part of a loyalty program of. Unsure how I feel about that now.

I drove to Renaissance hotel parking ramp/ 4th floor where Sixt car rental is located. I approached the lobby there was no line- I walked up to the first available customer service rep since no-one even paid me any attention, acknowledged I was even there to motion me to be helped.

I paid it no mind and walked to the counter. I was faced with a girl who was just staring at me blankly, no hello , how are you , how may I help you ..nothing. Her name was Althea.

I was not recognized as a repeat customer as I was at the Santa Monica location. I did not feel welcomed, at ALL! She seemed tired/ bored. She seemed to be in training as her manager behind her was monitoring her work . This made me more appalled as her manager could have at least greeted me. SiXT CUSTOMER SERVICE- please train your agents with even the minimal customer service needed to work anywhere that deals with human beings.

She asked for my License/credit card, I handed them both her, she then asked me if I had a bill that shows proof of me living at the address on my license. I told her no, that is my old address, you have my address on file- which I knew they did since they had set me up in the system when I rented the car, and also when I was at Santa Monica location. She told me it didn t matter, she needed to see something that proved I lived there. I told her again, I bought a house have moved so I don t have bills going there anymore. I showed her a copy of a mail label addressed to me that I happened to have in my purse, which had my full name and new address. she said she needed a bill- I told her I had never known of this nor have I needed to supply this before when renting at Sixt and had I known, I would have brought whatever was needed. She just stood there said, well pull something online, like online bill pay just so rude- as other customers stood there waiting for me to prove I was myself even though I had identification. I obliged pulled up my online pill pay for my gas bill-which was very frustrating just a big hassle. I showed her where it showed my address, which also included a lot of personal info such as payment/ billing info that I did not feel comfortable sharing with a stranger, but felt no choice /forced to do. I understand this may be a new policy- even though I did not see it anywhere on Sixt website, rental agreement, no posted signs, or the Sixt manual they give you with all rules and regulation etc. nor was it even verbally told to me why it was needed, just demanded. In reading some of the other Yelp reviews- I see I am not the only one who experienced this- SiXT CUSTOMER SERVICE- add this to your policy (if it even is one) add it to your website, even just email or text the renter like you emailed and texted that my reservation is coming up.

Once I reached pickup area, it was such a discombobulated mess of people not knowing where to go- who was being helped- the area is literally just a small space with 2 desks in front of the elevator doors- w/ people constantly coming in n out of the elevator w/ tons of luggage. I finally just waved my receipt to anyone that was looking to try get my keys- one employee grabbed my receipt, handed me a car key, and then went on to help someone else. I had to ask, so where is my car located? I felt no guidance- and literally was just walking around outside holding the door lock button down trying to find my rental- SM location bring up the car, engine running, opens door for you, with a smile might I add, you re off.

This was like a twilight zone episode.

Worst part was returning the car- The manager Tatiana came to assist the agent Alice that was helping me because I was trying to pay for my rental with a different credit card than the one used for deposit- I was being told that I could not switch the credit cards and it was a policy that has changed a long time ago-Not explained to me why I cannot do it- and urging me to pay with cash.

I have paid this way before at santa monica location/ have my receipts to prove it /never an issue b4

She could not show me anywhere in the manual or contract where it stated that I could not pay w/ a different card. She kept being Condescending. I was furious felt so distraught. I finally had to pay w/ cc on file had to go. SiXT CUSTOMER SERVICE if you have a policy state it clearly!

Never again!

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