Sep 30 2017

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Business Loans for the Cash You Need:

Small Business Loans – Fast, Easy and Convenient Even With Bad Credit

  • Business Loans from $2,000 to $250,000
  • High Approval Rates
  • Cash Available in as Little as 3 Days
  • No Credit Card Processing Required


Use of Funds

Can be used for most business purposes

Lend Deck is the right choice for your immediate business loan needs!

  • Who qualifies?

Businesses with strong performance, credit history is not important so even owners with poor credit histories can be approved.

  • Faster approval
    You’ll receive a quote witin 24 hours and money in your account as fast as 3 business days. Banks require 4-6 weeks on average.
  • Simple online process
    Only a simple form + 3 months bank and/or credit card statements are needed.
  • Tax leins or bankruptcies?
    Tax liens up to $175,000 or open bankruptcies in the last year will not disqualify your business.
  • No personal collateral required
    No personal collateral required. Pledge of only business assets.
  • Small Daily Payments
    Our repayment terms are flexible – you’ll pay a set daily amount – not a fixed sum every month like banks do.
  • Renewall is quick and easy
    For members in good standing, the renewals process is quick and easy.
  • Hundreds of business types

    Over 200 different industries, including restaurants, retailers and other service providers.

  • Lend Deck Small Business Loans and Cash Advances Program

    Our goal is to help small business and mid-sized business owners by providing a simple and convenient alternative to a traditional bank business loan. Our business loan and cash advance programs provide real solutions for business owners faced with the reality of disappearing sources of working capital. Traditional sources of capital, such as bank loans, home equity loans, and credit card loans, are no longer options for many businesses. Our service provides a flexible, hassle free solution for millions of small business owners that need access to immediate working capital and may not qualify for those traditional business financing sources.

    How it works:

    We offer several different programs to fit your specific needs:

    Business cash advance:

    Are you looking for a way to kickstart your small business. Have you been stopped from doing what is best for your business due to financial constraints? Maybe you have applied for a loan only to be one of the millions of people who are being turned down by traditional lenders. A merchant cash advance could be a way to allow your dreams to turn into reality. At, we can get you the money that you need to put toward your business, regardless of your financial history or lack of assets

    This business cash advance program is based on the amount of daily sales made by your business. There is no need to process a credit card to receive the advance. Businesses have a predetermined amount taken from each day’s sales in order to repay the cash advance and they have the potential of getting as much as $1,000,000 in cash advances, which is higher than a traditional credit card advance would allow.


    • No Need to Process Credit Cards
    • No Collateral Required
    • Bad Credit is Okay
    • Use for any business purpose
    • Higher Advance amounts

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    Merchant Cash Advance:

    Our Merchant cash advance converts your future Visa and MasterCard receivables into immediate cash that you can use for any business purpose. Repayments are based on a fixed percentage of your future Visa and MasterCard receivables. Payments are automatically applied to your remaining balance until the balance is satisfied. Unlike a business loan, our service is aligned with the success of your business: since repayments are linked to your Visa and MasterCard receivables, We don’t get paid until you get paid, thus helping you manage the cash flow of your business, especially during slower months.

    • No personal guarantees
    • No fixed payment schedule
    • No coupons or checks to write
    • No impact on your ability to qualify for other financing
    • No business use restrictions on the funding
    • No hassles – quick process fast funding

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    Small Business Loans and Financing for Different Types of Industries

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