Mar 12 2018

Solar PV System Design Software – Solarius PV – ACCA Software

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Solar PV System Design Software

Sizing of the PV system with a step by step guided procedure

Solarius PV guides the user in designing the PV system with great ease to achieve the best economic and technical solution.

The working method is based on an easy to use graphical design interface allowing you to speed up the PV design process!

  • Easily define the available PV system surfaces using specific graphical objects, which already include all the necessary data for the PV system design, or even import your own directly from DXF/DWG CAD files .
  • Position the solar modules, either they be mounted on fixed structures, such as roof tops, placed on the ground, or on mobile mono-axis / two-axes structures.
  • Simulate the effects of shading caused by landscaping elements that may be present at long distances from the photovoltaic by conducting a simple photographic survey of the installation site, an analysis of solar shading caused by near obstacles or by adjacent parallel strings of photovoltaic modules.
  • Configure the photovoltaic system with Low-voltage single-phase inverters (LV), three-phase inverter in low (BT) and medium voltage (MT), multi MPPT inverters,inverter with integrated or independent storage (external solar batteries). Photovoltaic batteries and inverters are selected and automatically proposed by the software to get the best possible level of productivity in relation
  • Calculate the PV system s overall performance (total annual production with an hourly production rate schedule) and assess the profitability and amortization period of the entire photovoltaic system.
  • Consult the calculation results in numerical and graphical form being sure that all calculated data is dynamically updated when making optimizations and changed to the project.
  • A photographic simulation feature allows you to generate precise photomontages of the designed PV system to show the customer what the system will look like once installed and to assess its visual impact within the existing scenario.

You re always supported by enhanced design tools such as the operational diagnostics with dynamic alerts that quickly highlight any errors or inconsistencies so that the whole project is sized and prepared correctly.

Solar irradiance for all locations from PVGIS or Meteonorm Climate Data (Europe Africa)

The productivity assessment of a PV system can be carried out using precise Solar Irradiance data available for the installation area.
Solarius PV estimates the solar radiation values (or average monthly daily irradiance) for all terrestrial locations, considering both upper and lower hemisphere latitudes.

Location indexing is accomplished as follows:
access to the locations database around the world by extracting the irradiation data and site altitude
direct access to the PVGIS Europe/Africa database

All irradiation data is derived from calculation algorithms and the Meteonorm database.

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