Mar 12 2018

Speech-Language Pathology Online Prerequisite Series

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The Speech-Language Pathology Online Prerequisite Series (SLP-OPS) at Sacred Heart University prepares students who have earned Bachelor’s degrees in other fields to apply for admission to graduate programs in SLP, at SHU and/or other universities.

Completion of the SLP Online Prerequisite Series does NOT guarantee acceptance into the SHU SLP Master s program. Students should research the admissions requirements of all the graduate programs to which they are applying. For instance, in the case of SHU’s SLP Graduate program:

  • No more than 6 credits of SLP courses required for the 2-year track may be taken prior to applying for the 3-year track.
  • No more than one SLP prerequisite course may be repeated by any applicant (2- or 3-year tracks).

SLP-OPS students wishing to apply to the SHU SLP Master’s program must complete the normal application process and will be considered equally with all other applicants.

Why enter this program?

To work as a speech-language pathologist, a Master’s degree and clinical certification by ASHA are required. If you are interested in applying for an SLP Master’s degree program, but have a Bachelor’s degree in another field, a series of prerequisite, undergraduate SLP courses. as well as five courses in the basic sciences. are necessary. The SLP-OPS allows post-baccalaureate students to complete the prerequisite SLP courses online.

How is the program set up?

The SLP Online Prerequisite Series is designed for post-baccalaureate students only, that is, students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree in an area other than SLP/Communication Sciences Disorders. This is not a degree program, but a series of prerequisite courses for application to Master’s degree programs in SLP. Therefore, SLP Online Prerequisite Series students register and enroll at SHU as non-matriculated (non-degree-seeking) students. Because it is not a degree program, students in the SLP-OPS will not qualify for federal financial aid; however, private sources may be available.

The SLP-OPS is designed for part-time enrollment, with two courses offered per semester over four semesters for a total of eight courses. The most efficient way to complete the series is to start in a summer semester and continue with two classes per term through the following summer (one year of study). This allows for application to SLP Master’s programs in the winter and, if accepted, enrollment in the fall after completing the SLP-OPS.

It is also possible to start the SLP-OPS any semester, take one or both courses offered, and enroll only in the semesters during which you choose to study.

The SLP-OPS courses are run through Blackboard, the university’s course management system. The courses are asynchronous, meaning you work independently through modules, submitting work on regularly scheduled due dates. You do not have to login on specific days or times. Once you enroll, you will receive a user name and password to access Blackboard. Need help? Check out SHU’s Blackboard Video Tutorials or contact Technical Support (The Factory) .

What will I study?

The following undergraduate prerequisite SLP courses are offered in the SLP-OPS:

SLP 210 Phonetics

*All summer courses offered every summer. Summer courses span the Summer 1-2 terms.

To be admitted to courses in the SLP-OPS, you must submit (via official or unofficial transcript):

  • Proof of a completed Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, in any discipline.
  • Proof of at least a 3.0 overall GPA in your Bachelor’s degree.
  1. Check the SHU Undergraduate Academic Calendar to find the start date of the course/s you wish to take.
  • Your transcripts will be reviewed and you will be contacted by email if approved to register.
  • Once approved, you can start the registration process. You will complete an online form to open an account. Be sure to check “yes” when asked if you are a visiting student. You will then receive a part-time, undergraduate registration form to print and complete.

    For more information regarding registration/enrollment only, contact:

    What is the cost?

    SLP-OPS students pay Part-time Undergraduate Tuition.

    What else do I need to prepare for graduate study in SLP?

    In order to qualify for application to Master’s programs in SLP, you must also have completed five, basic science courses (at least 3 credits each course) required by ASHA:

    • A course in Biological Sciences (e.g. BI 103, BI 111)
    • A course in Physical Sciences (e.g. PY 103, CH 120)
    • Statistics (e.g. MA 131)
    • Two courses in Social/Behavioral Sciences (e.g. PS 110, PS 252 -required for SHU’s graduate program)

    We strongly recommend that students enter the SLP-OPS having completed these courses. However, it is possible to take them while you are completing the SLP-OPS. Be sure to check the specific requirements of all graduate programs you are applying for.

    Options for these courses are offered online at SHU (look for sections ending in -O):

    • BI 103 The Human Body OR
      BI 111 Concepts in Biology (3 CR)
    • PS 110 Intro Psychology
    • PS 252 Child Development Psychology (Note: PS 252 is required for the SLP graduate program at SHU).
    • PY 103, Physics of Sound, was designed for SLP students and is recommended. This course is offered online every fall semester.
    • CH 120 Drugs and their implications is frequently offered online.

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