Jun 16 2020

Famous classic cars #Famous #classic #cars

Famous classic cars ******* Famous classic cars Long time Milwaukee native Bob Birmingham created a recently published book entitled Mis-Shifting. In it he recalls the wonderful 1950s and 1960s people, cars and events that were important to the development of motorsports in America’s Midwest and beyond. Of special interest to Excalibur folks are 13 pages and a like number of photographs of Brooks Stevens, his sons David and Steve, grandson Tony, the irrepressible Alice Preston, automobiles displayed in the museum showroom, the first Excalibur J cars, Mercebaker, Hawk, the Mk VI go-kart and of course your passion and mine, the …

May 14 2020

Famous classic cars #Famous #classic #cars

Famous classic cars ******* Celebrating the 13 Most Famous Cars in Horror! February 14, 2019 Last year Steven Spielberg crammed an insane number of pop culture nods and Easter eggs into Warner Bros. Ready Player One, and it included horror in major ways. Now, Warner Bros. is partnering with Mattel to bring a Hot Wheels live-action feature film to the big screen. Horror has no shortage of iconic vehicles; memorable cars and trucks that exude evil or simply exist as tools for terror. So, here’s to hoping that we may see some famous horror movie cars return to the big …

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