Mar 13 2018

What Is Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, mechanical engineering jobs.#Mechanical #engineering #jobs

What Is Mechanical Engineering? Technically, mechanical engineering is the application of the principles and problem-solving techniques of engineering from design to manufacturing to the marketplace for any object. Mechanical engineers analyze their work using the principles of motion, energy, and force ensuring that designs function safely, efficiently, and reliably, all at a competitive cost. Mechanical engineers make a difference. That s because mechanical engineering careers center on creating technologies to meet human needs. Virtually every product or service in modern life has probably been touched in some way by a mechanical engineer to help humankind. This includes solving today s …

Mar 5 2018

Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering, Oregon State University, mechanical engineering jobs.#Mechanical #engineering #jobs

Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Jill Lewis ’11, structures certification engineer at SpaceX, is the technical interface for all things ‘structures’ between SpaceX designers and analysts and their biggest customers: NASA and the U.S. Air Force. The sky’s the limit The Oregon State rocketry team reached a new milestone high above the Black Rock Desert of Western Nevada. Partnering for better transit planning Public transit planners throughout the nation should soon be rolling toward more informed decision making and better service thanks to a partnership between Oregon State University’s College of Engineering and the Oregon Department of Transportation. NSF grant …