Jun 22 2018

About KV Store collections

#splunk, #developer, #dev, #framework, #application, #app, #javascript, #python, #code, #samples, #examples # # About KV Store collections The KV Store stores your data as key-value pairs in collections. Here are the main concepts: Collections are the containers for your data, similar to a database table. Collections exist within the context of a given app. Records contain each entry of your data, similar to a row in a database table. Fields correspond to key names, similar to the columns in a database table. Fields contain the values of your data as a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document. Although not required, you …

Jun 14 2017

Automotive Technician Resume Samples #federated #auto #parts

#auto technician # Automotive Technician Resume Resume Technician Resume Automotive Technician Resume This is a free sample resume for your reference. It outlines the techniques of writing your resume in an effective manner. Update your resume as per the skills and responsibilities in your previous and present organization. We hope the sample will help you in writing an optimized and effective resume for the mentioned position. 15th Lane Avenue, Near New church, Georgina Career Profile: A highly skilled and talented Automotive Technician with experience of repairing, maintaining and servicing fleet of vehicles like autos, vans, scooters, shuttle trucks and electric …