Jun 7 2018

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# On the hunt for the best open source resources and more 9 free open source ticket sytems An ticket system (also issue tracking system, trouble ticket system, support Ticket or incident ticket system) is a computer software or web based package that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization. Ticket systems are commonly used in an organization s to create, update, and resolve reported customer issues. There are 3 versions of tickets systems, paid version, custom version(mainly build for one company) and the open source version. Because we dont want to pay a lot of …

Nov 5 2017

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#air ticket # Nepal Air Flight Nepal Air Flight offers the best deals and information on Nepal Domestic Flight Tickets, Nepal package tours and international Flight ticket from/to Nepal incouding Tibet, Bhutan and India’s outbound Tours. If you’re looking for the best deals with travel services in Nepal or around the south Asia then we can offer you the best prices on the market to explore the Asia. Whether you are looking for cheap air tickets in the South Asia, we can help you find a fantastic deal. If you’re on the search for cheap domestic flights in Nepal then …

Sep 8 2017

Airline Ticketing Software, Flight Booking Systems #gullivers #travels

#air travel booking # Airlines Challenge Today airlines strive not only to sell as many tickets as possible, but also to increase their brand’s loyalty and to maximize the average value per transaction for new and returning customers. Our airline booking software is a perfect fit for all of these goals. Solution If you consider enabling direct flight booking at your corporate website to boost your online ticket sales, we can offer: effective airline booking engine implementation and support smart intuitive user interface seamless and fast flight search and book process multi-language and multi-currency support integration with secure payment systems …