Sep 25 2017

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Tel Aviv Car Rental

For many, a visit to Tel Aviv is the event of a lifetime. As such, it only makes sense that visitors will want to see and do as much as possible during their stay in this vibrant city. Those who have traveled to this city often recommend that other visitors rent a car in Tel Aviv as this is the best way to see the sights and visit the many historic places in the surrounding areas.

There is much to do in Tel Aviv and one stop that everyone should make is at the Hezi Cohen Gallery which is in southern Tel Aviv. Here visitors can view a wide array of artwork that is sure to please and enlighten. Many Israeli artists have their work here, as well as works from other international artists.

Another popular stop that houses art is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. This museum is considered to be the premier location for art and other types of exhibits. Even the structure itself, a geometric wonder, is thrilling to see. Programs and activities are also available here.

Travel Tips

If you rent a car in Tel Aviv, make sure you have your current driver’s license with you when driving. You do not need an International Driver’s Permit, but you must have some form of photo ID. If your picture is not on your driver’s license, you can use your passport as ID.

Throughout Israel, traffic signs are normally printed in Hebrew, English, and Arabic. Be careful, however, as some translations are not very good. Generally, triangular signs are warning signs; square signs are information signs, and circular signs are instruction signs (Stop, Yield, etc).

There are many car rentals in Tel Aviv and driving is usually not a problem for experienced motorists.

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