Apr 14 2018

Three Alternatives to a Business Landline

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Three Alternatives to a Business Landline

Choosing a business landline is the normal choice for your phone system, but not the only choice. You have other ways you can go about allowing customers to call you. If you work from home or you don t want to install a landline, here are three alternatives to choose from:


VoIP is one of the most popular alternatives, because you can use your computer as your phone service. This can be done through Skype or another VoIP provider, such as Vonage. The benefits are that you receive a lower cost compared to a landline and you even get faxing abilities.

VoIP will also provide all the features of a regular landline, such as voicemail and caller ID. This also allows you to easily take your phone line on the road with you when you need to travel.

One big disadvantage of VoIP is the reliance on internet connection. If you have a spotty connection or it goes out, you will lose your phone service. This could also lead to a lower call quality compared to a landline.

Cell Phone

Of course, one of the easiest ways to get a business phone number without a landline is by using a cell phone. However, you may not want to use your personal cell phone for both. If this is the case, you will need a second phone specifically for business purposes.

The biggest disadvantage to using a cell phone is the possibility of dropped calls. You will also be accessible all of the time, which can be both good and bad.

Virtual Phone Line

Another option is to set up a virtual phone line. This can be done through a service offering virtual receptionists or a service specifically offering virtual phone lines. You can get a toll-free number or a local number, which will route calls to a private voicemail box or to another phone line, such as your cell phone.

This type of phone line will also allow you to mask outgoing calls with your business number. However, you will have to manage the rules and settings of the phone line to forward or route to voicemail properly.

One of the biggest advantages of using a virtual phone line through a virtual receptionist service is that you can actually set up the service to answer all of your incoming calls with a live person, as well. This provides a level of professionalism similar to or even better than a landline for your business.

Professionalism has to be a big part of your decision for the right phone service. With the right service, you won t have to worry about how professional you seem. A virtual phone line with a virtual receptionist will provide you with the most professional choice of the three.

When choosing the right type of phone line for your business, you should certainly consider the call quality, cost, security, convenience, reliability and your specific needs. There are many choices out there other than the traditional landline. Each option has pros and cons and you must weigh them to figure out which service will fit best for your specific needs.

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