Mar 12 2018

Tim Kraska, Cloud Computing Database Research

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I’m an Assistant Professor in the data management group of the Computer Science department at Brown University. My research focuses on interactive data exploration and Big Data management systems. This means my research group and I work along the whole system stack from the user interface over novel machine learning and new statistical methods to the ”guts” of database systems.

For example, with Vizdom we are exploring a new user interface to fundamentally enable layman users to explore and build complex (ML) models, whereas with IDEA and Tupleware we develop new techniques to power the new workloads created by the next generation of user interfaces like Vizdom; the main challenge here is to to ensure interactive latencies regardless of the data size and type of operation. Similarly our work on auto-tuning for machine learning algorithms, MLbase TuPAQ. or our work on quantifying the risk factors of missing data, the unknown unknowns. aim to help users to make faster and more sustainable discoveries.

Current Research Interests

  • Systems for Interactive Data Exploration
  • Infrastructure for rack-scale analytics and machine learning
  • Transaction processing over high-speed networks
  • New consistency and concurrency control models
  • Hybrid human-machine data management systems

Research Projects

In the following, a list of my current and past research projects:

  • VizDom – Data Exploration on Interactive Whiteboards
  • Tupleware – Redefining Modern Analytics on Modern Hardware
  • QUDE – Quantifying the Uncertainty in Data Exploration
  • MLBase – The Distributed Machine-Learning Management System
  • S-Store – A streaming OLTP system for big velocity applications
  • MDCC – The Fastest Strong Consistent Multi-Data Center Replication Protocol
  • CrowdDB – Answering Queries with Crowdsourcing
  • PIQL – Performance Insightful Query Language
  • Cloudy/Smoky – a distributed storage and streaming service in the cloud
  • Building a database on cloud infrastructure
  • CloudBench – a benchmark for the cloud
  • Zorba – a general purpose XQuery processor implementing in C++
  • MXQuery – A lightweight, full-featured Java XQuery Engine
  • Mapping Data to Queries (MDQ) – data integration with XQuery
  • XQIB – XQuery In the Browser

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