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Time in us washington

Washington Water Science Center

Washington Water Science Center

This is your direct link to all kinds of water resource information. Here you’ll find information on Washington’s rivers and streams. You’ll also find information about groundwater, water quality, and many other topics. The USGS operates the most extensive satellite network of stream-gaging stations in the state, many of which form the backbone of flood-warning systems.

Current Washington Water Conditions

Explore real-time Washington streamflow, groundwater, and water-quality conditions and access data with our new interactive map application.

View current water conditions

A Spatially Continuous Model of Annual Streamflow Permanence Throughout the Pacific Northwest

An interdisciplinary team comprised of USGS and university scientists has developed the Probability of Streamflow Permanence Model or PROSPER which predicts flow permanence for unregulated and minimally impaired streams in the Pacific Northwest.

New USGS Study Tracks Millions of Tons of Rocks, Gravel and Silt Carried by the Sauk River

TACOMA, Wash. — The U.S. Geological Survey recently published the results of a new five-year suspended-sediment and water temperature study from the Sauk River. The purpose of this study is to improve understanding of the magnitude and timing of suspended sediment from the Sauk River and its tributaries to the Skagit River.

New USGS Field Method is a Breakthrough for Contaminant Analysis in Water Samples

The U.S. Geological Survey published a new report highlighting a portable continuous-flow centrifuge which aims to save time and money on contaminant analysis of particles suspended in water samples.


Downstream‐propagating channel responses to decadal‐scale climate variability in a glaciated river basin

Regional climate is an important control on the rate of coarse sediment mobilization and transport in alpine river systems. Changes in climate are then expected to cause a cascade of geomorphic responses, including adjustments in downstream channel morphology. However, the mechanics and sensitivity of channel response to short‐term climate.

Anderson, Scott W.; Konrad, Christopher P.

Groundwater and surface-water data collection for Mason County, western Washington, 2016–18

Groundwater levels and surface water flow measurements were collected from August 2016 to September 2018 to provide the Mason Conservation District and other stakeholders with basic knowledge of existing water resources in Mason County, Washington. Additionally, the data were collected with the intent of contributing to informed decision making.

Tecca, Alison E.; Frans, Lonna M.

Uncertainty in quantitative analyses of topographic change: error propagation and the role of thresholding

Topographic surveys inevitably contain error, introducing uncertainty into estimates of volumetric or mean change based on the differencing of repeated surveys. In the geomorphic community, uncertainty has often been framed as a problem of separating out real change from apparent change due purely to error, and addressed by removing measured.

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