May 17 2018

Top 10 Sound Engineering Schools

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Top 10 Sound Engineering Schools

The right education is vital for a student dreaming of a career in the exciting field of sound or audio engineering. A clear understanding of music composition and technology is a must. The top 10 schools for sound engineering majors in the US are:

Students perform coursework that combines music theory and recording with a special focus on engineering signals and systems. The labs at this Ann Arbor university include electronic music studios, a multi-track recording studio, a multi-media lab and a video studio.

Music theory and technology are the focus for the music industry degrees at this Los Angelesuniversity. Students benefit from the use of the school�s state-of-the-art electronic studio featuring 24-track recording. Music business courses are also offered at USC.

Audio engineering students at this Washington, D.C. universitytake courses in sound synthesis, acoustics and electronics along with studio management. The school offers a combined Bachelor�s and Master�s degree program in audio technology and also gives students the opportunity to participate in relevant internships.

Located in the thriving music recording mecca of Nashville, Tennessee, this school offers a Bachelor�s degree in audio engineering technology. Students take courses that include audio engineering, physics, electronics, circuit theory and hearing science.

This prestigious university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has combined music, engineering and computer science to create a Bachelor�s and a Master�s degree program in Music and Technology. The goal of the degree program is to explore new and innovative ways to perform, create and present music.

This world renowned Atlanta school offers a Master�s degree in music technology. Students must already have a Bachelor�s degree in music, engineering, computing or a related field. In order to be admitted, students must demonstrate their musical abilities through performance or composition and submit a portfolio of their work.

The Murfreesboro university is home to one of the world�s largest degree programs in audio production. Students have access to a digital audio lab, a mastering lab, an electronic music lab, a post-production studio, a surround mixing studio and industry standard software.

Audio engineering students at NYU have access to one of the nation�s premier audio facilities featuring a multifunctional recording, researching and teaching center. Along with the standard audio engineering classes, students take courses in audio for games, scoring for film and media and software development.

Students at this California collegelearn to use industry standard tools like digital audio software and Apple�s Logic Platform. The completion of an internship is required to graduate and students must also put together a portfolio of audio engineering demos.

Located in the mountains of Colorado, the university offers a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production and a Master of Science in Recording Arts. Students are able to work with the latest technologies in digital studio recording, sound reinforcement and electronic music.

Students seeking a career in audio engineering have many specialties from which to choose at the various colleges and universities throughout the country that offer degrees in music technology and related subjects. It is an area that is constantly moving forward with greater technological advancements and new innovations in sound engineering.

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